Games Inbox: Most wanted 3DS to Switch remaster, Need For Speed Heat release date, and Worbital

Metroid: Samus Returns – coming soon to Nintendo Switch?

The Friday Inbox laments the lack of new survival horror games on Halloween, as one reader suggests Xbox Infinite as a next gen console name.

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Portable upgrade
I am all for Nintendo bringing 3DS games and franchises to the Switch. Apart from anything it helps to cement that the Switch is their home and portable console – there’s no need for two consoles anymore and the games can be better for either home or on the go, depending on how they’re made.

My guess as to what they’ll do is remaster the two Fire Emblem games and Luigi’s Mansion, which I’m all for, and hopefully also Metroid: Samus Returns. A new or remastered Rhythm Heaven would be mega too.

I don’t really see the point in Mario Kart 7, Super Mario 3D Land, or Animal Crossing though, as there are already equivalents of those – assuming Super Mario 3D World is coming at some point.

I think Masahiro Sakurai has said he doesn’t want a Kid Icarus: Uprising remaster but hopefully he’ll see sense as that’s a great game almost ruined by its controls.

I’m not sure what they’ll do about Zelda though as A Link Between Worlds is a prime candidate for a full remake, in the style of Link’s Awakening. I also doubt they’d port the classic remasters as they’d want to start them from scratch on the Switch I’d think.

Oh, and of course Advance Wars would be great, but does anyone really think that’s happening?


Ready for retirement
I am one of the few who welcome the rerelease of 3DS games for the Switch. I have been wanting to play Metroid: Samus Returns but can’t justify buying a 3DS to play it.

Also, does this really signal the final nail in the coffin of the 3DS? The console appeared to be on life support and now the Switch Lite is cementing its portable credentials.
Alek Kazam

GC: Why do you think people would be against it? And the 3DS is over eight years old, it deserves to rest in peace.


To infinity and beyond
We all know how rubbish Microsoft are at naming their consoles, so I have a suggestion to help them along and could be useful to market the next Xbox.

Halo Infinite could well be a launch title alongside a new Forza Motorsport game, this would take the main series to 8 I believe, 8 being a similar character to that of the infinity symbol. Also, with talk about cloud gaming and possible backwards compatibility, as Sony seems to be addressing, not to mention the inclusion of an ever growing Game Pass selection and proactive promotion of cross-platform gaming, I think a fitting moniker for the new machine would be Xbox Infinite.

Yes, it could mean a lazy approach to naming that game, but hey, Nintendo did it.

Of course where you could go from that is anyone’s guess. As was this.
Bad Edit

GC: It does seem a reasonable option. But, as you say, what do you call the one after? Although that question never seems to be one Microsoft has considered previously.


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Late bloomer
So I played a good few hours yesterday on Luigi’s Mansion 3, having got it delivered a day early, and it’s a total joy and did leave me with a cheesy grin on my face, just like you guys said it would in your review. I just found myself messing around with what I could and couldn’t suck up using the poltergust.

It left me wondering when exactly did Luigi become this cool? He’s the cowardly, taller, higher jumping, slippy-footed one that’s always lived in his brother’s shadow.

Even in 2013, when it was the year of Luigi, he wasn’t as cool as this. The animation of him in the latest iteration is fabulous, it had me chuckling aplenty. From being just a colour palette swap in early Mario games he’s suddenly a superstar in his own right in my eyes.
I never played the other Luigi’s Mansion games and it would be nice if they appeared on the Switch at some point so I could play catch up on the series.
Nick The Greek


Worms in space
Anyone tried Worbital?

Bought it on a whim after seeing ‘Worms in space with planets’ and couldn’t wait to try it with the kids. Got sat down with it and we couldn’t fathom out the controls in the few seconds attention span my middle one has. So gave up.

I’ve since played through it on single-player so I can see if it’s worth us getting to grips with and it’s been worth every penny. Very addictive and funnily enough exactly the game I didn’t know I needed to replace Worms. Give it a go, brilliant fun.


Problem solved
I just wanted to say thank you to Handsome Dan Wolfshead in their recent letter regarding the zoom option on a PlayStation 4, in order to help with the small text in The Outer Worlds. It’s helped so much.

The Outer Worlds in many ways is a fantastic game – I’m liking it a lot. But despite playing on a 55″ screen the text is still too small to read unless viewing really close up. This is an obvious problem with a text heavy role-playing game. I’m surprised it didn’t emerge as a problem during Q/A, given how well polished the rest of the game is.
Paul Williams

Just a quick shout out thank you to Handsome Dan Wolfshead, for his help and advice concerning my Outer Worlds small text problems.
Johnny five stars


Slow build-up
Just wondering if the new Need For Speed is out next week still? I don’t recall even a launch trailer and don’t think we’ve seen anything recently, this worries me.

I’ve played every entry this generation and enjoyed them all. I don’t pay much attention to the story at all and skip cut scenes when possible, but it definitely fills my arcade racer needs every year or so.

GC: It’s out next Friday but there definitely has been a lack of marketing, which is ominous. We suspect EA aren’t going to be in a hurry to send out review copies either. Here’s the launch trailer though.


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Darkest timeline
I think what happened to P.T. may be the dumbest story ever in video games. They threw away what could have been an all-time classic, not to mention on of the most acclaimed developers ever, just because some exec had a chip on their shoulder.

Now we’re in a word where big, or even medium, budget horror games don’t exist and the only exception is Resident Evil, which is pretty mild really when it comes to anything other than simple shlock (although I admit I loved the gore in Resident Evil).

Alien Isolation was a flop, we’ll never see another The Evil Within, and I dread to think who’d make another Silent Hill even if Konami wanted to do it, which they don’t seem to. Heck, we haven’t even had a Project Zero in years.

It’s Halloween as I write this and there isn’t even an indie horror game out today that I’m aware of. It’s a sad state of affairs and, weirdly, the only way out might be via EA. If they can make a new or remastered Dead Space a hit then maybe there’s still hope and others will take notice.

The alternative is too horrible to contemplate…


Inbox also-rans
So some rumour says Diablo 4 is going to be grim and gritty and suddenly that Blizzard boycott is looking like yesterday’s news? Any time there’s talk of a games boycott you can guarantee it’ll be a success, It’s like clockwork. Can’t criticise what you don’t play!

Is it not a bit surprising that EA doesn’t have more game as a service games? All they’ve got is Anthem and that was apparently BioWare’s idea. EA knows where the money is, so after Ubisoft’s recent failures maybe that particular gravy train has already run its course?


This week’s Hot Topic
It’s Halloween this week so the subject for this weekend’s Inbox is a simple one: what’s the most scared you’ve ever been when playing a video game?

It doesn’t have to have been while playing a horror game, it could just be an unexpectedly scary moment in a normal game or maybe even something that the developer didn’t seem to intend to be frightening. Do you enjoy scary video games and do you think they’re more or less effective than movies and TV?

Please remember that normal house rules apply for the Halloween Hot Topic: nobody’s allowed to mention the dogs jumping through the window bit in Resident Evil 1.

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