2011 was another country, somewhere the average civilian would have looked at you blankly if you asked them what their House sigil would be, or whether Winter was Coming.

Now, Game Of Thrones pumps through our cultural vein. You can buy dragon egg wine-bottle toppers and cardboard Iron Throne seat backs, and, if you so choose, learn to speak Dothraki in your spare time. The white ravens have well and truly been sent out from the Citadel – winter is here.

Eight seasons later then, with the finale finally upon us, how fresh are Game Of Thrones’ early episodes in your mind? Take our twenty-five question quiz to see how much you recall from season one, when Ned Stark was a foot taller, when Jaime Lannister was pure evil, and when Hodor saying “Hodor” was all just a bit of fun…


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