Gag Gift Ideas

Gag Gift Ideas

You have just received an invitation to a party hosted by someone that you hardly know. You want to get them a gift, but you can’t afford much. Why not get them a gag gift? A gag gift is perfect for someone who you do not know much about, a casual acquaintance, or someone you don’t really like.

You could always get Groucho glasses or a potato chip can with a spring-loaded snake, but you want your gag gift to be original and funny. There are a few ideas that you can use to make your gift a special one.

Make them a Basket

Gift baskets are one of the most popular presents that a person can receive. Everyone likes to get something that is stuffed full of delicious foods or toiletries. However, those kinds of gift baskets are very expensive. Why not get your friends a gift basket from a dollar store?

You can give them generic soap, children’s bubble bath, and Close-Up along with a package of cheap toothbrushes. You can throw in a coffee mug with a few packets of instant coffee.

If you prefer to make a food basket, you can fill it with off-brand chocolate, candy corn, and artificial butterscotch discs. Add some ramen, saltines, and margarine and you will have the perfect combination of sweet and salty.

You can also make them a basket to prepare them for the apocalypse. Include a can of emergency drinking water, some toilet paper, and a candle or two. You may want to include a copy of the Bible or a stack of New Yorker magazines.

Make them a T-Shirt

Gag gifts can be a little touch-and-go because you want to make the person laugh, but you do not want to offend them. Some t-shirts tease people for getting older on their birthday or for being perpetually single. You will find stores such as Spencer’s stocked with these kinds of gifts.

Instead of just buying them a gift at the store you can make them a shirt. On-demand printing companies will allow you to upload a design or create one using their tools. You can then select the shirt mug or novelty item that you want and the company will send it to them.

You can make these kinds of shirts for anyone. If your team at work was in a contest that they lost, make them shirts that say, “We’re number two.” You can be as silly or offensive as you choose when you make a shirt yourself. Click Printful: shop here for more info.

Get them a Funny Book

When selecting a gag gift, you should always get the person the opposite of something they might like. Get the intellectual in your life a copy of, “The Secret.” or a Cosmopolitan magazine. Get a poetry lover a copy of I Could Pee on This: And Other Poems by Cats or a book that they might find so bad that it is good.

You can always write the person a poem yourself. Buy them a box of funny fortune cookies or make personalized fortune cookies with realistic fortunes inside.

When carefully selected, gag gifts can make people laugh and lighten the mood of a party.

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