Going up

Masstige Beauty buzzword for products with a mass price point, but prestige branding. See Colourpop, Morphe and Glossier.

Chunky chains Seen at Bottega Veneta, Marni and Missoma x Lucy Williams collection, which racked up a 1,000-strong waitlist.

Gimlet cocktail

Phoebe’s cocktail. Photograph: Getty Images

Vodka gimlet Revealed by Phoebe Waller-Bridge to be the cocktail she held in that Emmys Insta post.

Christmas carols If Kate Moss can get involved – see the outtakes from Coach’s Wonder For All campaign – so can you.

Alex Levy’s sweater game Knitwear worn by Jennifer Aniston’s Morning Show character makes a 3.30am call-time chic.

Going down

Variety of cheeses on a cutting board

Too cheesy. Photograph: Getty Images

Cheese boards Swap for chocolate boards, curated by Cocoa Runners, with a brass rail breaking edge for a clean snap. Goodbye, gorgonzola.

“Great – I’ll be there!” Stock phrases are reserved for robots. Send idiosyncratic email replies – “marvellous scenes!” – to prove you’re human.

The sneaker crease Anna Kendrick caused internet outrage when she dared to bend the toe of her trainers in an Instagram pic.

Ski prep When did holidays get so tiring?

Fine jewellery Cate Blanchett’s Cindy Sherman cameo earrings are a game-changer. Why wouldn’t you accessorise with mini sculptures?


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