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From The Last of Us to Resident Evil: the video games that will become TV series – Asap Land

The imagery created by the world of video games are now increasingly able to fascinate directors, showrunners, streaming giants and publishing houses, in a process of progressive expansion of the medium. On the pages of Everyeye, we recently discussed video games ready to become anime and comics, but the universe of TV series he doesn’t seem to want to be outdone at all. From historic franchises of the caliber of Resident Evil to acclaimed productions such as The Last of Us, passing through the world of independent development, the projects in the pipeline are as numerous as they are intriguing. To help you not miss any of them, we have compiled a brief review: happy reading!

The Last of Us

2020 witnessed the return to the gaming scene of the imaginary of The Last of Us, with the protagonists of the epic Naughty Dog who have once again been able to excite the public. The Last of Us Part II confronted us with a more mature version of Joel, while Ellie she has now turned into a young woman. However, a further declination of the characters awaits fans in the near future: the announcement of one series HBO dedicated to the IP has in fact opened the bets on who will be the actors in charge of interpreting the two videogame icons.

Lacking an official debut window and title, the The Last of Us is already highly anticipated. The reasons are to be found not only in the emotional and conceptual intensity of the events narrated in the game, but also in the personalities involved in the project. At the script, we find in fact Craig Mazin, author of Chernobyl, e Neil Druckmann, Game Director responsible for the development of The Last of Us. The HBO production will not just give life to a simple transposition, but will expand the narrative framework of the video game.

Resident Evil

After a long period of absence from the radar, in August the leaders Netflix have decided to offer the first details on the nature of the TV series dedicated to the universe of Resident Evil. Famous and beloved, the home survival horror franchise Capcom is preparing to welcome a live action production structured in eight episodes into the family. The narrative will alternate between two different timelines, whose protagonists will be Jade e Billie Wesker, sisters forced to move to Raccoon City at a young age.

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In addition to the adolescence of the girls, the TV series will present us a world in which, more than ten years later, only 15 million human beings survived the T virus. In this context, a 30-year-old Jade will have to deal with a dark family past. The Netflix project was entrusted to Andrew Dabb: former writer for Supernatural, the pro will be showrunner and Executive Producer of the Resident Evil series, currently without a debut date.


But Resident Evil isn’t the only historical franchise ready to debut on the small screen. From the survival horror atmospheres of the Capcom saga we therefore move into the post-apocalyptic universe signed by Bethesda: also Fallout it is in fact about to come to life in a TV series. In this case, the project is signed Amazon Prime Video and sees two exceptional creatives at the reins. We are talking about Jonathan Nolan e Lisa Joy, none other than the creators of Westworld.

On the plot, structure and characteristics of the production there is still the strictest confidentiality and the only promotional material widespread at the moment is represented by the reveal trailer of the Fallout TV series. Result of the collaboration between Amazon Studios, Kilter Films e Bethesda, the production does not have a precise opening window.

Splinter Cell

Among the great international videogame giants, too Ubisoft has decided to transpose one of his most famous sagas into a TV series. The format chosen, in this case, however, is not live action, but animation. With the announcement of an animated series of Splinter Cell, the French software house surprised the public, who for years have been craving a new videogame adventure to live in the role of Sam Fisher. To pass the wait, Ubisoft e Netflix entrusted to the skilled hands of Derek Kolstad the task of offering a new point of view on IP.

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The screenwriter of the film saga of John Wick is currently shaping two seasons of the Splinter Cell animated series, for a total of 16 episodes. Unfortunately, on the plot and the release period, the production has not yet raised the curtain.

The Cuphead Show

To stay in the field of animated productions, we cannot fail to mention The Cuphead Show, serie Netflix inspired by Cuphead, a great little cult in the world of indie video games. Published by MDHR Studio, the run’n’gun inspired by 1930s animation he quickly won audiences with his instantly recognizable style, accompanied by a degree of challenge that was anything but indifferent.

The animated series will expand the universe of Cuphead, without limiting itself to staging a simple adaptation of the video game. At the helm of production we find C.J. Kettler, former producer of Carmen Sandiego. Also included in the authorial group Chad e Jared Moldenhauer, the two talented brothers who created Cuphead. At the moment, there are no official details regarding the release date.

Disco Elysium

However, Cuphead is not the only title in the indie universe to have quickly gained unanimous approval and appreciation from critics and audiences. It also falls into the category Disco Elysium, work before ZA / UM, winner of a large number of awards at The Game Awards 2019.

The acclaimed RPG will become a live action TV series, the realization of which will be curated by ZA / UM itself, in collaboration with dj2 Entertainment. Dmitri M. Johnson, CEO of the company and former producer of Sonic – Il Film, was also involved in the project. At the moment, it is not clear which platform will host the TV series, for a project that is still shrouded in a thick fog of mystery.

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The Warhammer 40,000 universe is also preparing to become the protagonist of a TV series. Also in this case, unfortunately, the degree of confidentiality surrounding the production is very high, so much so that both the destination platform and the publication period remain unknown. If nothing else, it has been confirmed that the absolute protagonist of the scene will be the Inquisitor Gregor Eisenhorn. The grim hunter of demons and heretics, it is promised, will be represented with the respect due to a character with a more complex nature than appears at first glance.

While waiting to learn more about Eisenhorn, we remind you that the work will be shaped Frank Spotnitz, former executive producer for The X Files, while the role of Producer will be played for the occasion by Emily Feller (Trust me).

Brothers in Arms

Among the developers delighted to see their characters come to life on the small screen, we also find Gearbox Software. The software house has recently announced its intention to transform Brothers into Arms into a TV series.

The project still lacks a publishing platform, but it was disclosed that Scott Rosenbaum (Queen of the South; Chuck) will be the showrunner. We also supervise the project as Producer Randy Pitchford, CEO of Gearbox Software. The TV series will be set in the heart of the Second World War: the protagonists of the show will be the daily and forgotten vicissitudes that in those difficult years involved ordinary men and women, who suddenly found themselves faced with seemingly insurmountable obstacles.


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