From free food to discounts, Toby Carvery staff reveal secrets of working at the restaurant chain

STAFF at Toby Carvery have spilled the beans on what it’s like to work for the pub chain – and we can see why they work there.

Speaking to the Daily Star, carvery staff have shared the secrets that they’d love customers to know but could never actually tell them.

 Toby Carvery staff have revealed what it's really like working for the chain


Toby Carvery staff have revealed what it’s really like working for the chainCredit: Alamy

From free food during every shift to a third off the bill when you’re not working, it’s hard to see what’s not to like.

“Naturally our team members can use their staff discount to enjoy a great roast, it’s one of the great perks of working for Toby,” a Toby Carvery spokesperson told The Sun.

“But rest assured they are a passionate group, dedicated to giving guests a great experience each time they visit.”

Here are eight things that staff wish their customers knew:

1. Gravy sticks

Leaving your work behind you is harder than it looks if you work at Toby Carvery.

The smell of gravy gets everywhere, including in your clothes and hair, even when you get home.

 Even though the carvery is self service, staff still have to clean up after customers


Even though the carvery is self service, staff still have to clean up after customersCredit: Alamy

2. The staff discount

Toby Carvery staff are popular among their friends thanks to the discount they get when heading to one of the restaurants on their day off.

We’ve had a look on the the pub chain’s recruitment page and it says you can get up to 33 per cent off the bill. Tidy.

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3. Staff get free lunch

Workers said that this is one of the best perks about the job.

Staff get a free meal when they’re on shift, which means piling plates high with roast potatoes and drowning everything in gravy.

4. Working after a night out isn’t actually that bad

Most jobs are unbearable when working on a hangover but staff at Toby Carvery reckon they’ve got it good.

That’s partly down to the free food they get on shift.

Feeding your hangover with a cooked breakfast or carvery doesn’t put you off working the day after a night out.

5. Tips are always welcome

Even though the carvery is self service, staff still have to clear up after customers and a tip is always welcome.

Toby Carvery now does online delivery so you can get a roast delivered to your door

6. Running out of meat means staff can clock off early

It’s not ideal when the restaurant runs out of meat at the counter but also not surprising by how much everyone has piled on their plates.

But it also means that the carvery shuts up early, meaning staff can clock off ahead of schedule.

7. Please top-up your own drink

This is one of the most annoying thing that customers do that winds up staff, the worker said.

If you’ve ordered a refillable drink and you’re able to get it yourself then you probably should.

8. Saying sorry hundreds of times a day

Thanks to the self service style carvery, there are a lot of people wandering around in the restaurant at a Toby Carvery – staff and customers included.

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A normal shift involves weaving in between diners and it’s often a close call.

But saying sorry is a habit, especially if you’ve almost collided with someone, meaning its easy to apologise hundreds of times throughout the shift.

Toby Carvery launched a delivery service at the end of last year so you can now get your roast delivered to your door.

It also added a Yorkshire pudding filled with nachos, pulled pork and salsa to the menu.

But diners slammed a £55-per-head Christmas Day lunch for its “dirty cutlery and rock hard food”.


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