From fancy robes to Love Island: this week's fashion trends

Going up

MTV’s Cribs The original Zoom backdrop-inspo, lest we forget.

Robe Formal The new dress code for both lockdown birthdays and work meetings? We like Yolke’s robes and Muji’s robes-as-dresses.

Cycling shorts It’s time to commit, now that we all have bikes. Sorry! Try wearing them under a skirt.

Bagenfreude Schadenfreude, but for bags, which are now redundant. Never forked out for a £3k bag? Now who’s laughing.

Bluicing Halfway between juicing and blending, and ideal for cocktails. Friday night has never been so lively.

Going down

Love Island contestants kiss
Kiss goodbye?: swap Love Island for Terrace House. Photograph: ITV/Rex/Shutterstock

BFFs Updated post-quarantine terminology: “Me and you, we’re Bubbles.”

Love Island After your choreographed dating fix? Netflix’s wonderfully soothing, Tokyo-based show, Terrace House, will hit the spot.

Hats go big at Harris Reed
Brimming over: hats go big at Harris Reed.

Baseball caps Big brim energy is back again with gusto, thanks to Harris Reed. Dig out your giant hat from 2018.

Beer gardens Soon to reopen but safer still, try a walktail: walking, with a cocktail, and a pal, at a distance.

Culottes Everywhere! And look good on no one! We prefer PE shorts, via ManRepeller and the John Lewis website.


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