Frightened kangaroo pulled out of freezing lake offers rescuer a handshake

The animal was brought to dry land by the duo (Picture: David Boyd/Facebook)

An exhausted kangaroo was pulled from chilly waters by two heroic passers-by in Australia.

Their heartwarming rescue effort was filmed by David Boyd, who was on the phone to the government in Canberra about the stranded animal this morning when they waded in.

The video showed two men slowly approaching the little shivering roo from two directions with their arms out.

They called for it to come closer to them, but it swivelled its head nervously and remained fixed to the spot in the cold Lake Burley Griffin.

As soon as the man on the left reached out to grab the kangaroo, it threw its arms over him and kicked the water.

The second man arrived soon after to help to scoop it up and lift it to safety onto the promenade.

As many passers-by watched on, a third man stood with the marsupial and tried to calm it down.

Two men approached the scared kangaroo with their arms open (Picture: David Boyd/Facebook)

In an apparent gesture of appreciation it extended its arm to one of the rescuers as if to offer them a handshake.

Mr Boyd said he thought this was its way of saying thanks for saving it from the icy water.

‘Aw, he’s thanking ya,’ he can be heard saying behind the camera.

He wrote on social media that the kangaroo was in a bit of shock, and it took about 30 minutes for the animal to perk up again.

Many users commended the men on jumping in and saving the roo.

The kangaroo appeared to want to shake one of its saviour’s hands (Picture: David Boyd/Facebook)

One user wrote: ‘Omg that’s so amazing! Thank goodness people were around to see him in there or he would’ve frozen’.

Another said: ‘That has made my day.’

Despite their bravery, members of the public are advised not to approach wild kangaroos as they can lash out and cause injury.

They are known to become defensive if they are approached when injured, sick or in fear and may be dangerous.

People are advised to call authorities such as WIRES wildlife rescue to assist instead of approaching the animal themselves.

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