Fresh appeal for Britain to help roll out worldwide Covid vaccines


oris Johnson on Monday came under growing cross-party pressure for Britain to step up efforts to jab the world against Covid-19.

They urged Mr Johnson to show greater leadership in the fight against the virus, stressing it was the “right thing to do” to help poorer nations, often with limited healthcare systems, and would reduce the risk of a more deadly variant emerging and being imported into the UK.

Former international development secretary Andrew Mitchell told the Standard: “It’s clearly hugely in our national interest to do more to vaccinate poor countries with historic links to the UK.

“That way we will be showing leadership and other countries in the G7 will follow our example.”

He added: “It’s not only the right thing to do but it will protect British citizens and British interests.”

Justine Greening, who succeeded Mr Mitchell, stressed: “Keeping ourselves safe means a comprehensive vaccination strategy at home but also one internationally, especially for countries with far less healthcare capacity than our own.”

She added: “In the coming weeks and months it’s important the Government steps up action to tackle the ongoing international Covid challenge.”

New Foreign Secretary Liz Truss, who is accompanying Mr Johnson on his US trip, signalled that the Government is to push for a stronger united response to the pandemic.

She tweeted: “Arrived in New York for #UNGA76. Key focus @UN this week will be: Discussing our approach to building strong security, diplomatic and economic partnerships globally.

“Coordinating an international response on Afghanistan. Improving global access to Covid vaccines.”

A government spokeswoman added: “We have committed to donate 100 million doses by June 2022 and have already delivered over nine million doses to developing nations across Africa and Asia.”


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