French Montana accused of sexually assaulting incapacitated woman

French Montana has been sued for allegedly sexually assaulting a woman while she was incapacitated.

The lawsuit, reviewed by The Independent, was filed on Thursday on behalf of the plaintiff, identified as Jane Doe.

Montana is referred to by his birth name, Karim Kharbouch, in the list of defendants, which also includes a man described as “an agent and employee for” Montana. Several business entities are listed as defendants as well.

The alleged assault occurred on 28 March 2018, according to the complaint. Doe was allegedly ” sexually assaulted, sexually harassed” by Montana and ”sexually assaulted, sexually harassed, and raped” by the other man.

According to the lawsuit, Doe was invited to a recording studio where both men were working, and where Doe was served drinks. Doe was then allegedly invited to Montana’s residence.

“Defendants were mixing and serving drinks to plaintiff and the other women who came with her. Defendants controlled the  drinks, providing excessive drinks, making sure the women were drinking. Defendants also were themselves drinking and using drugs,” the complaint alleges.

Doe alleges she blacked out after being given a drink, following a “lucid” phone conversation at approximately 6:30am.

The plaintiff “was unable to and did not give her consent to engage in any sexual activity,” the complaint states, adding: “However, while she was incapacitated, she recalls several men coming in and out of the bedroom.”

Doe “believes Defendant Kharbouch was one of the men who entered the room and sexually assaulted her”, the document states. Both men “knew or should have known that Plaintiff was incapacitated and unable to consent,” the suit alleges. 

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Doe alleges she regained consciousness around 1:30pm ​”confused, intoxicated” and feeling ”a pain in her pelvis, lower back, and vagina”. Doe also alleges that the other man identified as Montana’s employee was groping her and rubbing his genitals against her.

According to the lawsuit, a rape kit was administered and “showed the presence of semen”.

“As a result of this incident, Plaintiff has and continues to suffer extreme emotional distress, anxiety, flashbacks, and depression,” the suit states. ”She was just starting her career as a model and actress, however, this horrific experience has prevented her from continuing that career path, thereby resulting in damages to Plaintiff in amount to be determined according to proof at the time of trial.”

Doe is seeking damages on charges for assault and battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and more.

The Independent has contacted Montana’s team for comment.


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