Four-year-old girl writes letter to Lego asking for ‘more girls in your magazine, please’

(Picture: Samuel West/Twitter)

Children are much more perceptive than we give them credit for.

One little girl, only four years old, managed to question the lack of female representation in children’s animations with one simple letter.

Actor Samuel West tweeted how his young daughter asked why a Lego magazine featured so many male characters but hardly any female.

He said that she loves Lego, football, and the colour blue but was disappointed to find that there weren’t many people who look like her in the children’s publication.

The English actor, who has worked in theatre, film, television and radio, tweeted at Lego to get their attention.

He was met with a plethora of supportive comments commending the little girl for her activism.

After his post went viral, amassing more than 8,000 likes, Lego got in touch with Samuel saying his daughter rocks and that they will review future editions.

Samuel wrote on the tweet: ‘My daughter, four, loves Lego, football and blue, so she was delighted to get the new Lego City magazine.

‘Then she noticed that of the 29 people who talk in it, only one is female, and she speaks once, to agree with a man.

‘So my daughter wrote you a letter.’

In the letter, the youngster wrote: ‘To Lego magazine, can you put some more girls in your magazine, please?’

Actor Samuel West who tweeted at Lego (Picture: Getty Images Europe/ David Levenson)

Others shared the sentiment saying: ‘That’s brilliant! Well done to her for noticing and wanting to do something about it. You should be very proud.’

Thankfully, Lego’s response came quickly.

They wrote back to Samuel the same day, saying: ‘We think your daughter rocks! We look forward to receiving her letter. Like you, we believe LEGO play is for everyone and that our magazines need to reflect that.’

‘We’ll review future editions to make sure this is the case. We hope your daughter will always love LEGO, football and blue.’

Samuel thanked the brand for their speedy response and said his daughter would be delighted to be acknowledged.

Other people who had complaints about Lego’s representation in the past also got in touch. One woman explained how the magazine always showed heterosexual weddings.

In response, Lego sent her a weddings set showing two women getting married.

Finally, a brand that listens to the voice of the people.

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