Foster the People Detail Jeffrey Epstein Conspiracy Theory

The Internet has been awash with speculation following the reported suicide of billionaire and alleged sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein. There remain a lot of questions, but Foster the People have some possible answers, as proposed by a series of Tweets from the band.

“Have you seen photos of the body?” the band wrote. “It’s obviously not him. My guess is, Epstein’s on a private plane to somewhere in the middle east getting prepped for plastic surgery right now.” They added the hashtag: “#EpsteinBodyDouble.”

After a slew of replies, the musicians expanded on the theory, noting, “I find it strange that I’ve been chastised by reporters from NBC and other news outlets for my opinion. Everything you guys have been reporting has been conjecture. If you want to be considered a respected authority of truth, do a better job. And to anyone else who considers it ‘off brand’ for an artist to talk about social issues, cover-ups, and justice… A. you need a history lesson B. you’re scared of what i’m saying C. my voice is my brand, whether it’s used to speak or sing.”

“More than ever artists need to speak up, because they’re not getting paid by sponsors or told how to spin a story by their bosses,” the band added. “Rupert Murdoch isn’t controlling their narrative. Support your artists. Support real journalism. Fact check everything. Do your own research.”

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Since Epstein’s suicide went public the Internet and the media have proposed numerous theories, including that Epstein was actually killed. President Trump even suggested in a series of retweets that former secretary of state Hillary Clinton was involved in the suicide. Epstein was found hanging in his cell in a DOJ-controlled facility where he was awaiting trial on charges of sex trafficking and conspiracy to engage in sex trafficking.


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