Fortnite Season 4: Silver Surfer! – Cosmetic, Character, Glider, Mythic Weapons and More!

What does this new character mean for the future of Season 4, will we get any new gameplay changes?

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The new season of Fortnite is set to bring us some awesome new cosmetics that are all Marvel themed!

We now have our hands on the villainous “Silver Sufer”, a chracter from the Fantastic 4 story.

Some of you may be wondering who this mysterious man is and whether he’ll bring any new gameplay changes to Fortnite.



The SIlver Surfer is a servant to Galactus, who’s arriving later this Season!

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FANTASTIC – Which Marvel skin are you excited for?

Luckily he’s turned to the good side to help our heroes defeat the incoming threat.

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Does this mean we’ll also get our hands on some of the Fantastic 4 characters, including Human Torch and The Thing?


The character in the item shop includes an outfit, glider, pickaxe and a backbling!

The best part of this set is easily the glider, which is simply the Surfboard of the Silver Surfer.

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If you purchase this bundle as a set, you can save up to 900 V-Bucks!

Gameplay Changes?

So, does the appearance of this character bring any gameplay changes to Fortnite Season 4?

fortnite marvel season 4
MARVEL – Who will be the one to defeat Galactus?

Unfortuenatly, not yet. We hope in the future the Silver Surfer board becomes an in-game mythic item.

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For now, you can still get your hands on the Dr Doom and Groot items in-game.


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