Fortnite Season 10: What map changes could we see?

Photo via Epic Games

The Fortnite World Cup 2019 is over, where we witnessed the 16-year-old sensation Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf dominate the competition and prove why he is the best in the world along with taking home $3 million.

During the official broadcast of the solo finals, Epic Games also posted its first teaser image of the upcoming Season 10 which is set to release August 1.

With the original teaser image featuring the old Dusty Divot factories that were unfortunately struck by a meteor during Fortnite Season 4, fans and players have started to speculate what exactly this could mean. With the next Fortnite Season being Season 10 fans have started to wonder if this really means “Season 1.0”, with more rumors of time travel starting to ramp up this got us thinking. What map changes could we see in Season 10? 

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Wailing Woods 

Photo via Epic Games

Before we talk about why this legendary point of interest (POI) should make a return, let us never forget how it ultimately met its demise. Fortnite’s Season 8 was the infamous “pirate” themed season for Fortnite, and with introducing certain weapons such as the Flint knock and Infantry Rifle, we also saw the entire northeastern side of the map be completely overhauled. 

In replace to Wailing Woods, Epic Games added a volcano biome to the map with staple POIs such as Sunny Steps and Lazy Lagoon taking its place. For many, theses new locations were loved due to the amount of excess loot that was added to these locations, along with the added volcano vents that made rotations even easier. But, for competitive Fortnite pros such as Ryan “Chap” Chaplo and Thomas “72hrs” Mulligan, this was their worst nightmare as they were famous for landing at Wailing Woods.

The once staple location of Fortnite’s iconic map is one of the fan favorites that has been missing from the game for two seasons. Adding this POI back into the map would give players a larger area to explore and with the volcano and mech events already concluded there does not seem like Fortnite has any more plans for the pirate areas. 

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Greasy Grove 

Photo via Epic Games

Oh the beloved Greasy Grove, frozen over during Season 7’s release it has remained on the map but as a merely frozen lake with a few houses. For months now this once loved POI has been forgotten about and regarded as the place where no one wants to land anymore. 

Greasy Grove once drew comparisons to Retail Row, due to its density of houses and the amount of loot each house contained and was one of the most common drop spots during the original Fortnite Seasons. With the introduction of the ice biome during Season 7, there have been rumors circulating among many that the entire biome is set to melt which could mean Greasy is coming back.

A return of this POI would be loved by many as it opens up another POI for players to land and for long time player it would mean an old fan favorite is coming back. 

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Moisty Mire 

Originally located in the bottom right of the Fortnite map, Moisty Mire was erased due to the introduction of the desert biome during Season 5 and that area of the map has remained unchanged since its introduction. Moisty Mire was also where we saw other locations of the original Fortnite map that also fan favorites such as Prison. 

Another classic Fortnite POI that was filled with loot and trees, Moisty seems like a perfect addition to the time travel rumored season. Should we see the dessert and ice biome revert back to their old selves, we will most certainly get Moisty Mire back into the Fortnite map along with all the other little areas surrounding it. 

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