Fortnite search between rotary phone, fork-knife, Omega Carbide house: Map location

Fortnite search between rotary phone, fork-knife and hilltop house full of Carbide and Omega posters is one of the Blockbuster prestige challenges.

As with other weeks, the Fortnite Blockbuster challenges leaked ahead of the missions officially going live in the season 10 Battle Pass.

This gave Fortnite fans plenty of time to come up with solutions, one of them being YouTuber Tabor Hill.

In a post online the Fortnite YouTuber gave the map location needed to solve the latest Fortnite search between challenge.

The video was created before the challenge went live, and Tabor Hill explained fans have been split as to where the Battle Star could be located.

The Fortnite YouTuber gave a number of possible locations, but they should all be in the same vicinity of one another.

The location Tabor Hill said the Battle Star should be located at was a patch of dirt in a green area just north west of Fatal Fields.

If the Battle Star can’t be found in that exact spot then it should be nearby.

The Blockbuster missions were previously leaked by popular Fortnite dataminer Lucas7yoshi.

Here is a full list of the leaked Fortnite Blockbuster missions…


• Land in Dusty Depot, then visit the Meteor in a single match

• Harvest materials at the Block (300)

• Land at a run down hero mansion and an abandoned villain hideout

• Deal damage while being affected by low gravity (250)

• Search between a basement film camera, a snowy stone, and a flashy gold big rig

• Consume fruit, Fortnite mushrooms, or glitched foraged items (10)

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• Claim vending machines in different matches (3)


• Eliminations at Dusty Depot, or the Meteor (3)

• Search chests or ammo boxes at the Block (7)

• Search chests at an abandoned hero mansion or villain lair (7)

• Deal damage with explosive weapons (500)

• Search between a rotary phone, a fork-knife, and a hilltop house full of • Carbide and Omega posters

• Consume fruit, mushrooms, or glitched foraged items in a single match (8)

• Harvest materials at the Block or Dusty Depot in a single match (300)

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