For In-Game Currency, Items, Boosts, and Accounts, Eldorado.GG Has You Covered


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El Dorado may be a mythical city of gold, but Eldorado.GG is legit. They’ve overseen billions in video game gold transactions over the last decade. And as the world’s economies struggle amidst the coronavirus pandemic, the financial industry built around fictional in-game currency continues to thrive.

Eldorado.GG, the online in-game currency trading site, is at the forefront of such buying and selling exchanges. Their team has a solid understanding of how MMO economies work and years of experience in that marketplace. So while real-world currencies may be volatile, forcing many to seek in-game currency as a ways to make ends meet, fictional financial systems aren’t totally safe from the market’s ups and downs either. That’s why it’s important to use an organization like Eldorado.GG that not only understands these systems but can offer competitive pricing whether you’re buying or selling in-game currency. And if you’re looking to save time by buying or boosting accounts for a huge variety of online games, they have that option available, too!

If you’re simply looking for the best prices when it comes to buying and selling Runescape gold, Eldorado.GG should be your first go-to destination of choice. But you don’t have to take our word for it, or even theirs; you can check the realtime trading price here and compare it to other auction sites. If you think their deal is too good to be true, you can also take a look at Eldorado’s fees page for more information. If you have questions that haven’t been addressed yet, you can always contact the support team themselves. We appreciate their transparency!

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Here’s how the team at Eldorado.GG describe themselves and their work:

The team behind Eldorado started trading almost 10 years ago. Since then we have bought and sold billions in in-game gold and millions of items in RuneScape, Path of Exile, World of Warcraft, Rocket League, CS:GO, and more. As buyers, sellers and gamers, we have seen it all, from honest-to-goodness dealers to scam victims with zero customer support. Harnessing years of experience and love for the market, and with a strong belief that together we can revolutionise in-game trading, we set out to build what Eldorado is today — a secure, easy-to-use shop with sterling support.

Here is a complete list of the games’ economies that you can find on Eldorado.GG:


Image via Jagex Ltd

In-game gold for:


Image via Grinding Gear Games

In-game items for:


Image via Riot Games

Accounts for:

world-of-warcraftBoosting services for:


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