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I was disturbed to read that Tammy Abraham was seeking a weekly salary of £120,000 (Sport, 21 December). I retired last year from a senior nurse position in the NHS. I checked current pay scales for all the posts I held and concluded that, if he gets his request, in one year he’ll earn over 3.5 times as much as I did in 42. I never felt I was badly paid, but that difference makes me wonder about who the public values most: a talented footballer or a committed cancer nurse?
Gill Chadwick
Kelso, Scottish Borders

On Monday we were sitting at the kitchen table despairing at the alleged vile chanting at the Spurs stadium and the rise of racism in the UK when the doorbell rang. A young Muslim woman from over the road – a newish neighbour – was there with a box of shortbread. “It is nearly your day,” she said as she gave them to me. “Have a nice time.” There is hope for us yet.
Mark Redhead

Why not revive the Council of the North as one way for Labour to start rebuilding communities (Alex Sobel, 20 December)? As mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham could convene all northern council leaders to make a start on an integrated public transport system to include regulation of buses.
Margaret Phelps
Penarth, Vale of Glamorgan

As remainers and lifelong Labour voters, feeling utterly dejected by the election results, we’ve just joined the Labour party and – you know what? – we’re feeling a little bit better already.
Steve and Rene Clayton
Soyland, West Yorkshire

Did you not consider the recipes for sprout curry and sprout sarnies to be a bit excessive (Feast, 21 December)? I enjoy a bout of uncontrollable flatulence as much as anyone, but there are limits to even my relish.
Bill Hawkes
Canterbury, Kent

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