Football Manager 2020: Absolutely everything we know about the new game – Release date, Beta, new licenses, enhanced scouting system

The trailer reached over half a million views on the FM YouTube channel; can we expect more hype around this year’s new and improved Football Manager 2020?

Football Manager director Miles Jacobson stated that we can expect Football Manager 2020 news at the end of August… so keep your eyes peeled. 

Features we want

The FM community have made their voices heard about what should be in the new game. We take a look at what could appear for FM 20. 

Proper licenses

We here at RealSport have hopes of the new Football Manager 2020 having been able to attain more licences towards different leagues in the game. 

Although this may not be the end of the world if they did not… it would be nice and make the game just that little bit more aesthetically pleasing and fun.

Here is a list of the current licences that Sports Interactive hold already: 

  • MLS
  • A-League
  • France (Top 2 Divisions)
  • Holland (Top 2 Divisions)
  • England (Football League and National League)
  • Northern Ireland
  • Wales Premier
  • Turkey (Top 3 Divisions)
  • Denmark (Top Division)
  • South Korea (Top 2 Divisions)
  • Scotland
  • Italy
  • Germany (Does not include National Team)

Photo via Football Manager 

Are we able to see this list continue to grow and expand when Football Manager is finally released later this year?

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The Premier League seems to be a way off, given the English top-flight’s relationship with EA Sports FIFA. The Italian and Portuguese leagues could be viable options, however. 

Throwback career mode 

This is something that the team here at RealSport would love to see in the new Football Manager 2020. However, is this something that seems unlikely for this year-round, though it doesn’t stop us from having hope.

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Would you not love the chance of managing Leicester City back in 2016? Could you mould the perfect squad and bring you old school dreams to life? Talk about nostalgia! A throwback career mode would allow you to do that and more; in essence you would be able to jump back to the start of any season in history – in moderation of course. 

Fancy lining up with the incredible Leicester side of 2015/16?But the thought of being able to manage a team of legends from back in the day would definitely be something we could look forward to.

Women’s Football

After the Women’s world cup that took place in France and all the media footage it gained, would make it the ideal time to introduce women’s football into Football Manager 2020. 

Female football has grown in size considerably over the last two years since being introduced by FIFA.

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However, the thought of being able to see women’s football in the new Football Manager 2020 is looking unlikely. 

Why? In interviews in December 2018 with Miles Jacobson, after being asked when would the public see the likes of women’s football in FM 2020, he explained that when it becomes “commercially viable” then this feature in the game would appear. 

The EA Sports FIFA franchise has featured women for the past four years Subsequently, what this means is that the money needed to put this In the game would cost far too much narrowing down the profit margins for the likes of the developer Sports Interactive.

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What would you like to see in the new Football Manager 2020? Let us know down below!

To keep up to date keep checking back for all the latest news on Football Manager 2020! As soon as we get more information, we will be sure to let you know.

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