Fnatic Rising win inaugural UK League Championship

Fnatic Rising, the organisation’s League of Legends academy team, have emerged victorious in the very first UK League Championship (UKLC) finals.

They beat Diabolus Esports 3-0 in a convincing best-of-five series to win the UKLC.

In doing so, they join Diabolus in qualifying for the EU Masters, the finals of which will take place at the Leicester Haymarket Theatre on April 27th and 28th.

The EU Masters is a €150,000 tournament for the strongest up and coming League of Legends teams from 13 regions across Europe.

Fnatic have qualified for the main event group stages, while Diabolus will have to get through the play-ins first. Two teams out of the seven taking part in the play-ins will advance to the main event group stages.

In the UKLC finals this weekend, Fnatic defeated Excel 2-1 in yesterday’s first semi-final, while Diabolus beat MnM 2-1.

While Fnatic put in some solid performances across the first UKLC season, today’s matches were arguably their finest. They performed solidly as a team and showed togetherness when Targamas stepped in for Prosfair in games one and two, for Prosfair to return for game three.

Speaking of Prosfair, it’s the support player’s third UK scene title on a trot, and top-laner Shikari’s fourth.

Several people in the UK scene shared their comments and reaction on Twitter using the #UKLC hashtag.

Fnatic ADC xMatty (who we interviewed here) said he was proud of his teammates and wished Diabolus well in the EU Masters play-ins.

Despite the loss today, credit to Diabolus for finishing top of the standings ahead of the finals this weekend.


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