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On Wednesday FlyQuest announced that Tricia Sugita has been appointed the new CEO of the organization, with former CEO Ryan Edens transitioning to the role of president. Sugita will bring FlyQuest’s vision to life by ushering in a new facility and two new initiatives.

“I am honored and grateful to be the CEO of this organization that I care deeply about,” said Sugita. “The heart of FlyQuest is ‘greatness,’ and it drives everything we do. We’ve done a great job bringing in the right people and creating a culture that celebrates greatness. As CEO, my priority is to share our vision so everyone knows that what we do has purpose and ties back to our vision: Showcase Greatness. We want to inspire and attract people who pursue greatness and support others who do the same.”

Sugita has shifted from COO to CEO and will be directly involved with the competitive aspect of the organization’s League of Legends squad. She will oversee the company’s brand new practice facility as well as facilitate the launch of two new initiatives.

The company’s new facility, called the Greenhouse, has over 7,000 square feet of dedicated space and houses practice rooms for both LCS and Academy teams, coaching/review rooms, content studios, and more.

Additionally, Sugita has started and will facilitate the two new FlyQuest initiatives of “Going Green” and “Showcase Greatness.” 

According to the release, fans can expect FlyQuest to “Go Green” in every aspect of its organization including community activations, jersey design, and campaigns. Additionally, it will be raising money to plant trees and enact a mission to “Save the Wild Turtles,” a play on the gamer nickname of FlyQuest League of Legends star Jason “WildTurtle” Tran.

Going green will also be used in conjunction with the company’s message of “Showcasing Greatness.” The company said in its statement that it believes players, staff, fans, and others can “show greatness” by affecting “real change for the planet,” as well as tackling environmental issues together. 



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