Flights: Unexpected passenger dubbed 'unhygienic' – would you be happy to fly with them?

Travelling by plane can be an exciting and enjoyable experience, jetting holidaymakers off around the globe in record time. However, when faced with an economy cabin and a less-than-agreeable seatmate, passengers can be the thing that ruins a journey for those around them. Recently one little traveller caused quite a stir amongst onlookers, who were divided about whether he should be allowed to fly at all. A photograph of the passenger snapped onboard the flight was posted to account @PassengerShaming.

While another pointed out: “I love dogs. But this photo shows why you really need to sanitise the seat, table and window when you board a plane.”

It seems hygiene really is the most important thing to many people flying.

Another traveller says: “It would’ve been a perfect picture if the dog had a little disinfecting wipe under its paws.”

However, there were also plenty of flyers who were quick to jump to the little dog’s defence.

“Enough with the sanitiser comments..just enjoy the damn pic! Cuteness overload,” said one.

Meanwhile, a second puppy loving passenger said: “I wouldn’t mind having him as a seatmate.”

Another Instagram joked: “His feet are probably cleaner then the humans we shame on here!”

Indeed, feet are a common feature of the @PassengerShaming Instagram account, with countless flyers getting their toes out in public to the dismay of those around them.

It seems it isn’t just dogs who put their feet up on the tray table, usually reserved for eating dinner from.

Another viral image that circulated recently shows a couple onboard a flight who have decided to use the tray table as their footrest.

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While this may be pleasant for them, many viewers pointed out how unfair this is for the people who sit in these seats afterwards.

The scene was made worse by the fact that one of the passengers kept their shoes on.

“I’m never touching one of those tables ever again,” one person commented on the image.


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