Flights: Plane passenger astounds when he’s spotted wearing this at airport security

Flights are often undertaken by passengers who have donned their most comfortable clothes. However, one male traveller in the USA left onlookers scratching their heads when it came to his attire. Rather than wearing a cosy outfit for the journey, he appeared to go to the other extreme.

Another traveller who shared the images was baffled as to how the man had got the armour through airport security.

Will O’Connor said he was particularly surprised because he himself had had his toothpaste confiscated at security for exceeding the liquid limit.

O’Connor, a doctor from Atlanta, in Georgia, said: “I was pretty fed up to have my toothpaste taken off me after seeing that.

“I was a little mad – more funny mad, not really angry. They’re doing everything they can to keep us safe.


“I don’t know if he went through the scanner with it on, or if they made him take it off.

“But I thought it was pretty funny they let him through with the big helmet and everything.

“It makes you wonder how he’d fit [on the plane]. I don’t know who he was sitting next to but that must have been interesting.”

The older man, who O’Connor believes might have been involved in cosplay, remained sat down waiting for a flight as people stared in confusion.

O’Connor continued: “I have no idea how he got through. I’d hate to be running late for my flight and having him in front of me.

“He was sitting in my area for that gate but I didn’t see him get on the plane.

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“He was all by himself – he didn’t have anyone else dressed like that with him.

“I have no idea why he would wear that and not pack it. [Maybe] it was cosplay or something? Maybe he didn’t want to pay the excess baggage charge. It looked heavy.

“Other people were looking at him but he didn’t seem to mind. He looked like he was trying to blend in with the rest of the passengers.

“He reminded me of the knight in Indiana Jones. He looked just like one of them. I don’t know what happened to him, but I guess he was allowed on the plane to get to his destination.”

According to a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) spokesperson, the ‘knight’ had donned the bizarre apparel after passing through airport security.

The spokesperson for TSA, who have authority over security in airports in the US, said they believed the man would not have been allowed to wear the armour through the security equipment and imagined he would have packed it in his hand luggage and changed once past security.

The spokesperson claimed that there had been a DragonCon convention in Atlanta that weekend, where he believes it is likely the ‘knight’ was heading.


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