Flights: Pilot reveals the truth about how planes can beat delays in the air

This isn’t the first time a pilot has revealed some secrets about the inner workings of a flight.

Another passenger revealed the truth behind a mysterious symbol printed on the interior wall of aircraft cabins.

On most passenger planes, travellers can spot these black, triangular markings on opposite walls in the centre of the cabin.

The black triangles sit directly above the curved windows there, often at the end of a typical row of seats.

These triangles mark the location of what has been called ‘William Shatner’s Seat’, the seat with the clearest view of the wing.

Cabin crew and pilots alike use this vantage point to check the wings if they are concerned about the state of a wing mid-flight.

“The reason, therefore, is that in case there’s a problem with the slats or flaps a flight attendant or one of the pilots would get the best view onto the slats or flaps looking out of the window marked with the little triangle,” points out pilot and Youtube video creator “Captain Joe”

However, “Captain Joe” also revealed some other benefits to knowing exactly where the wings leading and trailing edges are.


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