Flights: Passengers left horrified at female behaviour on a plane – ‘that’s so dangerous’

Flights are often filled with a variety of different passengers, from solo travellers to families. Yet all are joined in their mission to reach their final destination happy, with their luggage, and in full holiday mode. Many choose to pick up last minute holiday bits at the airport, or finish off their preparations last minute. Yet two female passengers took their last-minute beauty regime one step further, in a move that is sure to shock some.

Their actions were caught on camera in an image swiftly posted to Instagram site, PassengerShaming, where it has more than 16,000 likes at the time of writing.

It was accompanied with the caption: “Me getting cute for the weekend like…”

It showed one brunette passenger sitting on her airport seat, with her friend crouched down, facing away from her, in the leg area.

The brunette was hovering over her with a pair of tweezers near her pal’s eyes.

Her friend, had her eyes closed, ready to have a pair of false eyelashes stuck on.

It appears she did not have chance to pep up her appearance prior to departure so decided to do it on board instead, to pass the time in the air.

Yet some passengers rightly reacted in horror as they saw the shot, flagging up the safety issues present.

One commented: “OMG that’s so dangerous. Idiots! Both of them!”

A second put: “I do lashes, those tweezers are super sharp, unlike those girls.”

A third took a different approach and quipped: “That would be fun if the plane hit turbulence!”

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Another surmised: “Can’t believe she’s sitting on that dirty carpet, in shorts no less!”

Others commented on the unexpected amount of leg room for the passenger who was undertaking the makeover from her seat.

Meanwhile, recently revealed the make-up stipulations for BA cabin crew.

The rules state: “Eyebrows are expected to be well-groomed and maintained.

“If false eyelashes are worn they should “be a natural length and compliment the wearer’s hair colour.”


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