Flights: Instagram users appalled at child’s behaviour on a flight captured on video

Flight passengers can span an array of gender, ages and characteristics. Yet while families often enjoy travelling together, sharing memories of their children’s first flight and overseas adventures together, fellow passengers might find it awkward. Particularly for solo travellers or business passengers who need to complete office work while on-board, sitting next to an unknown child, or in the seat in front of one, can be especially annoying. During one instance in particular, captured on video in a clip which has since gone viral, one person found themselves going hungry after a child globe-trotter stole their dinner from right under their nose.

They were just out of shot as the clip was taken, yet their half-eaten in flight meal could be seen on the table in front.

Perhaps taking break from snacking, it proved a costly mistake as the child sitting on the chair in front pounced.

A small hand could be seen creeping through the chair partition and grabbing some fruit from one of the compartments.

Perhaps not content with the initial theft, they are then seen scrabbling around for more.

An Instagram user posted the clip to account PassengerShaming with the tagline “Kids Gotta Eat” and a laughing face Emoji icon.

It had 227,666 views at the time of writing.

The account also confessed: “This might be my favourite video to date,” yet many users did not share their view.

They appeared shocked and appalled over the child’s conduct, and the fact they were not called out by their parent.

One posted: “I would pour tea on their hand tbh,” as another put: ”That’s cute but at the same time not polite.”

Another added: “I’d smack it’s little hands off.”

One then angrily wrote: “He better not be on the flight this week.”

Yet another saw the funny side and put: “Hahah I completely understand they were still hungry.”

Meanwhile, in a completely separate incident, one male passenger left his fellow travellers stunned as he went to the bathroom without his shoes.

His antics were caught on camera, with the consequent video posted to Instagram on account PassengerShaming, as viewers were left concerned for his health.

It was uploaded with the caption: “PRO TRAVEL TIP: That liquid on the floor of the lavatory?

“It is NOT WATER. Proceed accordingly…AND WEAR YOUR GD SHOES!”

The scenes showed a man wearing a blue jumper and matching dark trousers emerging from the flight bathroom.

Yet as he did, he was seen walking barefoot from the toilet, right past a pool of water by the door.

He continued to walk down the aisle to his seat, with the soles of his feet exposed to anything that might have been in his path.

Yet perhaps the worst was to come, when he was captured scratching his bum as he strolled.


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