Flights: Earn up to 9,000 bonus Avios points extra with this very easy credit card trick

Avios are a shared reward currency used by multiple airlines including British Airways. By collecting Avios on flights, hotels and car hire, customers can enjoy a selection of reward flights to hundreds of destinations around the world. However, collecting Avios is not just limited to these methods – you don’t always need to spend to earn. Website Money Saving Expert, founded by Martin Lewis, has revealed an easy way to get up to 9,000 points.

If you’re looking for a good way to earn thousands more Avios points you can refer a friend.

This is possible if you have the Amex Preferred Gold, British Airways Amex or BA Premium Plus Amex cards.

With these cards, you can achieve more than just spending everyday and then paying off the card in full every month.

“Refer your partner (and any interested friends/family/colleagues) and pick up an extra 9,000 Avios boost for the Amex Preferred Gold card, and an extra 4,000 Avios for the BA Amex,” said Money Saving Expert.

“They’ll get boosted bonus points after the trigger spend too – 2,000 extra on the Amex Gold (making the total 22,000), and an extra 1,000 on the BA Amex and BA Premium Plus (6,000 and 26,000 in total).

“This is on top of the usual points you’d earn for everyday spending.”

Customers with an Amex Preferred Gold card will see their bonus Membership Rewards points appear in their account.

However, they will need to be converted to Avios points as they’ll be lost if you cancel your card.

Those with British Airways Amex or BA Premium Plus Amex cards will see their points in their BA Executive Club account.

The account will need to be kept open with at least one Avios point collected, spent, purchased or shared every 36 months to prevent expiration.

If customers want to get plenty of points, then frequently flying in economy is not the best way to accrue them.

Instead, Avios customers should focus on their shopping habits, as this is the best way to accrue the most points. 

For this, you should sign up to the BA eStore where hundreds of retailers are listed as offering Avios incentives.

For instance, subscribing to the Financial Times will get you 10,000 Avios. Alternatively, order with Laithwaite’s Wine and you’ll get 1,000 points on your first purchase.

What’s more, if you buy a £1,200 laptop from Apple you will earn another 6,000 points – the list goes on.

Over 800 brands are involved in the scheme, from fashion to food to gadgets.

If you want to maximise the benefits of the flight points and make them go further, there’s another top trick you can use

Avios has flight partnerships with four airlines – British Airways, Aer Lingus, Iberia and Flybe.

A top tip to make the most of Avios points across the four firms has now come to light. This is because all have different off-peak dates, which leads to travellers being able to take advantage of different flight prices for the same amount of points.


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