Flights: Couple shock as mid-flight romance is caught on camera

Flights have returned to the skies, though the experience is altered with a new push towards social distancing. Despite this, a couple were caught on camera getting particularly close on a recent plane journey.

Another questioned: “What is going on in this picture?!!”

“Please tell me they were just posing for a photo and this isn’t real,” begged a third commenter.

A similarly irate traveller also demanded: “Get a room!”

However, while there were plenty of people who found the scene a little too saucy, others saw the romance in it all.

Someone else commended the man, saying: “At least he is wearing a mask!!!!”

While such intense displays of affection on flights might not be what you’d expect, this is not an isolated incident.

In February this year, another couple were spotted showing their desire for one another while seated in a row of seats.

Similarly, while the man was parked in his allotted seat, his female companion had plonked herself atop him.

The duo appear to be kissing, and some Instagram users even suggested the woman was not wearing any clothing below the waist.

“She legit doesn’t have pants on. Who does that??!!” one person wrote on Instagram.


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