Flights, especially long-haul ones, are well-known for being fairly uncomfortable if you’re travelling in Economy. It can be a struggle to get into a position you are happy with. Often, the poses that are the most comfortable can look the most bizarre to an outsider.

The image shows a man and a woman. The former looks to be in the aisle seat while the latter has the middle seat.

It appears the photo was shot by the passenger sitting next to the pair in the window seat.

However, the female flier in the image has decided to take liberties with her allocated space.

She has decided to lie down and rest  – but not just on her seat.


The woman can be seen with her head lying in the man’s lap.

Her legs are curled up with her lower half on her own seat.

To make matters worse, the woman’s bottom is pointed straight at the passenger taking the photo.

Furthermore, the female passenger has taken off her shoes and socks.

They flocked to social media to share their thoughts on her actions.

“Oh f**k no I’m getting the attendant. Or accidentally spill some red juice on her,” one wrote in horror.

“Wear some goddamn socks!!! What the f**k is wrong with these people,” another posted.

Others sympathised with the woman’s plight. “I’d do this. I know I’d be so tired,” one commented.

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