Flight secrets: Cabin crew share real reason your phone must be turned off while flying

Flights often require travellers to follow regulations and guidelines, one of which means turning off your phone during the most dangerous parts of a flight. This disconnects passengers from being able to access data and the internet while in the sky. It can be hard for many to comply with these rules but there is a huge safety reason behind it.

Various rules on a plane including keeping your blind up during take-off and landing, keeping your seatbelt on when required to do so and also switching your mobile phone off or to a specific safe move.

Many find it hard to understand why the mobile phone regulation is necessary but there are many different reasons why this is necessary.

An airline insider who works for British Airways has shared the reasons why your phone must be switched to flight safety mode.

They said: “The industry has had several reports over the years linking mobile phone use with system malfunctions, and whilst systems have improved, the industry regulators take a cautious view because of safety implications.

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However, if you are desperate for some connection when in the skies, especially if it is long-haul, then you usually can purchase some Wi-Fi.

A former flight attendant revealed that it is important when flying that there are no risks whatsoever.

They also explained that a phone causing interference is delayed but precautions must be taken.

They said: “It’s rare, but it does still happen that there is interference with certain types of cell phones or a combination of many cell phones still turned on.”

The former cabin crew member explained that not switching a phone to flight mode can cause noise disruptions for crew when they are communicating with each other on the speaker system.

Flight attendants do not want any interference when they are trying to speak to each other, especially if there was some sort of emergency.

British Airways advice that anyone caught breaking their flight mode rule will be reported to proper authorities as flying is a risky task and they wish for it to be as safe as possible for passengers.

Therefore, it is either best to just turn your phone off if you can or set it to flight safety mode to ensure that there are no risks whatsoever.

Many airlines have a rule that your phone must be completely switched off for take off and landing and you cannot have any headphones in either.

A former flight attendant explained that this is because it is the most dangerous part of flying.

In a post on Reddit they said: “You can use your phone in airplane mode in-flight, but must be switched completely off during take-off and landing (like all other electronic devices) because these are the most dangerous times during a flight, should an accident occur, and the crew needs to be able to communicate quickly with all the passengers.”

If you were listening to music loudly you would not be able to hear any of the crew communicating with you if they needed to.


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