Flight travellers have been put under the spotlight for their bad habits with one tenth of Britons calling for flat out bans for particular passengers. Shock findings of a new survey show the top 10 most annoying flight habits of some, with travellers demanding instant action be taken. Topping the Florida4Less charts is drunken passengers, with one in four stating they should be banned from the plane. Their tipsy antics irk a total 75 per cent – so three quarters of the entire planet and they believe stewards should step in.

Those who fidget or move the seat back without asking passengers in the row behind attract criticism from 60 per cent, while people who talk too loudly are annoying more than 57 per cent of travellers.

Loud eating is deemed almost twice as annoying as kissing, while adjusting the sea is doubly more annoying than snoring.

Personal grooming such as in the case of a female traveller applying false eyelashes to her friend, also features in the top ten as does taking shoes or socks off.

Breaking wind, burping and sneezing also find a place in the gripe list.

The survey found it was male passengers who would be more insistent on a passenger ban for unruly behaviour, especially for offences such as being drunk, farting and talking too loudly.

Commenting on the findings, Florida4Less director Martin Berens, said: “For many holiday-makers, the flight itself is a special part of their getaway, so it’s no surprise to see that Brits have strong views on how to behave on-board.

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“The research also threw up some interesting regional trends. For example, Londoners are more likely to find personal grooming on-board the most annoying, while kissing or cuddling will most irritate those from the North East.

“We also found that northerners are more likely to be angered by coughing and sneezing than people from the south.”

Previously, Express.co.uk has reported on a male who left passengers infuriated with his bad travel habit.

The man in question had stripped off his shoes and socks, then places his bare feet worryingly near the face of a sleeping baby.

His actions were caught on camera and posted to Instagram account, PassengerShaming, with the telling caption: “Thoughts on a random bare foot peeking through your seat and almost touching your baby’s head?”

It has so far attracted almost 3,000 likes on the photo-sharing site.

Users were quick to show their disgust, with one writing: “Bare feet shouldn’t be allowed on planes ever! Why is that even allowed? Really.”

The top 10 most annoying flight behaviours according to Florida4Less are:

Drunkenness – 75 per cent

Fidgeting or moving the seat back – 60 per cent

Talking too loudly – 57.2 per cent

Breaking wind or burping – 57 per cent

Eating loudly or messily – 45 per cent

Sneezing or coughing – 37 per cent

Sleeping or snoring – 30 per cent

Taking socks or shoes off – 27 per cent

Kissing or cuddling – 25 per cent

Personal grooming – 23 per cent



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