Fishing WARNING: Boris told not to ‘sacrifice’ UK waters- ‘This is why people voted leave'

The new Prime Minister has been in office for less than a week and is already working hard to secure Britain leaves the EU by October 31. Mr Johnson has a raft of policies to deliver in advance of the Halloween deadline – and fishing laws could be a difficult one to agree. The PM has now been issued a stern warning form one Brexiteer after French Agriculture Minister Didier Guillaume said he does not think French fishermen should be blocked from UK waters post-Brexit.

He told French television channel Cnews: “It is possible that with Boris Johnson we will have a hard Brexit.

“What matters most, in my industry and in the event of a no-deal Brexit, is the impact on the fisheries sector and on French fishermen.

“There is no scenario in which French fishermen should be prevented, could be prevented, would be prevented by Boris Johnson, from fishing in British waters. 

“There is no reason for it. And on that point, I really want to fight.

“So I will keep telling Britain that our fishermen must be allowed to keep fishing in its waters.” 

But Kate Hoey MP disagrees that EU boats should be allowed to access UK waters after Brexit is delivered.

She tweeted: “Gaining back control of our fishing waters played a big part in why people voted to Leave.

“This is a quick win that must not be sacrificed.”

If Britain leaves the bloc without a deal in place, this would automatically prevent British boats from entering EU waters and vice versa.  

Mr Johnson said this afternoon he is “confident we will get a deal”.

But he is still preparing for a no-deal outcome on October 31.

Mr Johnson said in Scotland this afternoon: “I am confident we will get a deal, but it is also right we prepare for no deal, that is the position of the UK Government, it is the right position.

“I don’t aim for a no-deal Brexit but clearly if we are going to make a success of these negotiations then we have to prepare, with a great deal of confidence and determination, for a no-deal outcome.

“That means getting ready our farming communities, it means getting ready industry, it means all sorts of preparations which we can do.

“We were in a very high state of readiness on March 29, we will be at an even higher state of readiness come October 31.

“The more we prepare now the less chance of any disruption at all at the end of October.”

Ahead of her meeting with the new Prime Minister, Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon warned his “hard-line” Government is driving the country towards “disaster” by pushing for a no-deal Brexit.

She said: “The people of Scotland did not vote for this Tory Government, they didn’t vote for this new Prime Minister, they didn’t vote for Brexit and they certainly didn’t vote for a catastrophic no-deal Brexit which Boris Johnson is now planning for.”


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