First video of panda cub at zoo that waited three years for parents to mate

The tiny panda cub makes it first appearance at the Dutch zoo (Picture: AP)

This is the adorable moment a tiny panda cub makes its first appearance at a zoo that had to wait three for its parents to have sex.

Little shrieks of excitement can be heard in the footage, which experts say is a sure sign the cub stands a solid chance of survival.

The cub was born on May 1 at Ouwehands Zoo in the Netherlands, where its giant panda mother Wu Wen is busy giving it cuddles and milk in their maternity den.

The zoo said: ‘Now, almost two weeks later, the cub has visibly grown. Not just in length, but clearly in weight, too.

‘Its well-filled belly is prominent and the distinctive colouring is very finely starting to appear. The shoulders and front paws exhibit the contours of a dark (grey-black) pattern.

‘Also striking is the panda cub’s relatively long tail.’

The cub’s gender won’t be known until it leaves the maternity den, likely in a few months’ time with its mother.

Wu Wen and the cub’s father Xing Ya were loaned to the zoo from China in 2017.

The Dutch zookeepers waited patiently for three years for the magic to finally happen, and they even shared a picture of the romantic moment in January this year.

The zoo said the new cub and its parents belong to China but they can remain in the Netherlands for four years, before going back to join the native breeding program there.

Around 420 pandas live in captivity in zoos and reserves, the majority within China, while an estimated 1,864 live in the wild.

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