First trailer for Brie Larson directorial debut 'Unicorn Store' reteams Captain Marvel with Samuel L Jackson

The first trailer for Unicorn Store, Brie Larson’s directorial debut, which also just so happens to star Captain Marvel herself, has been released ahead of its release on Netflix. And it is an utter delight …

Well, doesn’t the world just instantly seem a little better?

Written by Samantha McIntyre, Unicorn Store sees Larson play a whimsical painter who is kicked out of art school and has to take a dull office job as well as move back in with her parents. But a chance encounter with a spectacular looking Samuel L Jackson suddenly gives Larson the opportunity to adopt a unicorn, which is obviously her life long dream.

Want to be charmed some more? The tagline for the film is, “Everyone needs a little magic. Even if they’re all grown up.”

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Despite looking colorful, uplifting and being packed to the brim with bona-fide movie stars, which as well as Larson and Jackson includes Joan Cusack and Bradley Whitford, it has actually taken a while for Larson’s Unicorn Store to reach audiences. It premiered all the way back at the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival.

Brie Larson, hopefully smiling at a unicorn

Netflix eventually picked up its rights in January of this year. They then made the rather sensible decision to delay the release of Unicorn Store until after Larson and Jackson had wowed the world with Captain Marvel, which has so far grossed over $820 million worldwide and is already a cultural phenomenon.

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But while the instant re-teaming of the Marvel stars is obviously an attraction for movie fans, the fact that Unicorn Store pairs Bradley Whitford and Joan Cusack as Larson’s parents will be just as appealing for other cinephiles. As The West Wing and Working Girls actors are clearly the best mother and father that the movies can buy.

Unicorn Store will be released on Netflix on April 5.


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