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Fiona Phillips recalls 'nasty' comments after battle on 'death's door' with coronavirus

The journalist detailed: “Having come bearing gifts such as a fiery sore throat, high temperature/fever, shortness of breath, annoying dry cough, aches, pains, lethargy and a whole-body-sized cloak of sweat – nice – I’ll be doing my best to make sure [COVID-19] doesn’t stay too long either.”

Fiona went on to reveal what the “first sign” was when she had contracted the bug.

The star continued: “The first sign of the nasty bug’s generosity was about a week ago, in the form of a horrible, sort of scratchy gut pain that made me feel full, from my throat, right down through my whole digestive system.

“It kept me awake all night – it was as if a witch had shoved her twiggy broom up into my alimentary canal and on into my throat, left it there and had then intermittently twisted it.”


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