Fintech start-ups invited to apply for invaluable legal support and advice on cutting through red tape

A fast-track 10-month programme providing legal advice and mentoring to ambitious fintech start-ups is open for applications.

Law firm Addleshaw Goddard’s AG Elevate is a fast-track, 10-month initiative that provides legal advice and mentoring, and access to the company’s training programmes and networking events.

Some of Addleshaw Goddard’s most experienced fintech lawyers will work with the chosen start-ups to help them overcome legislative and regulatory challenges as they grow.


Michael Common, a former AG Elevate participant and CEO of Nivo, an app that reduces the hassle of signing up for financial products, said: “Data protection and privacy is at the top of the agenda for tech start-up thanks to the rise of fake news, the Cambridge Analytica scandal and the introduction of GDPR. Resources are often stretched in start-ups, but it is vital to seek specialist legal advice in a sector where regulations are constantly evolving and becoming even more complex.

“Addleshaw Goddard’s advice was central to the growth of our business as it was so wide-reaching, from advice on the legally binding nature of e-signatures on our app to navigating Open Banking regulations, and even fundraising. We’ve reached a number of milestones since our involvement with AG Elevate, including £10 million of loans completed using the app, and are actively looking to expand our team.”

Addleshaw Goddard partner David Anderson, who specialises in working with technology companies, said: “With the introduction of PSD2, Open Banking and changing customer attitudes, fintechs have an opportunity to further innovate in a sector that is rapidly changing.

“While start-ups are agile and can quickly identify opportunities and adapt to market needs, this shouldn’t be at the expense of proper regulatory implementation.

“Our aim is to help fintech start-ups negotiate often complex regulatory and legislative issues, easing the burden on both finances and resource, allowing them to focus on the fundamentals of growth – developing the product, growing the customer base and applying for funding.”


Other fintechs who have been part of the AG Elevate programme include  Halotrade,  a blockchain enabled Fintech start-up focused on the delivery of sustainable supply chain financing, and  Delio,  which works with leading global financial institutions to deliver customised technology platforms for the distribution, transaction and reporting of private equity, private debt and real estate.

Applications are open from today to fintechs across the world.


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