Final Fantasy 7 Remake trailer shows off Red XIII, Cloud in a dress, and epic clash with Sephiroth

A new Final Fantasy 7 Remake trailer has dropped out of nowhere and provides first looks at a number of returning characters.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s month long delay put a damper on a lot of peoples’ plans for March, but Square Enix have helped remind them why they should be still be excited with a brand new trailer.

It dropped almost out of nowhere and, while only under four minutes long, managed to reveal a lot of new info about the title, with a mixture of gameplay footage and cutscenes.

The first big takeaway is a confrontation between the heroes and main villain Sephiroth. This is a massive departure from the original game as the group didn’t encounter Sephiroth until much later in their adventure.

We also get our first looks at the other members of Shinra, namely Reeve, Heidegger, Scarlet, and Palmer. Though their appearances in the trailer are somewhat brief, the few bits of dialogue they have help establish their personalities immediately, with Scarlet in particular showing off her dominating nature by using a grunt as a footstool.

A major reveal is that of the Honey Bee Inn and our first look at the crossdressing sequence, where Cloud has to disguise himself as a woman. This is one of the most iconic moments of the original game, and many had worries about how Square Enix would handle it in the remake.

Looking good, Cloud (Pic: Square Enix)

After that, we get another look at a new addition to the cast, Roche. Another member of SOLDIER, like Cloud, the scene sees him draw his sword at Cloud, clearly looking for a fight.

It’s unclear how big of a role Roche will play in the remake, but his dialogue suggests that he and Cloud have fought before. This could mean that the two have a personal history with each other, or maybe this is simply a second boss fight with him.

Another big reveal is that of Red XIII, one of the game’s main party members. In the original, Red XIII joined the party shortly before the group is forced to flee Midgar, which is where the remake’s first part will apparently end. Considering how late into the game that would be, it was theorised whether Red XIII would even make an appearance or not.

The trailer doesn’t offer any playable footage of him, but we can see him briefly during a gameplay section. Maybe he’ll only be an AI controlled party member and not actually be playable at all?

Was his tail always on fire? (Pic: Square Enix)

The last character to be revealed is Professor Hojo, another major antagonist, who is seen spying on Cloud.

The rest of the trailer contains quick snippets of gameplay, which show off a couple more of the summons in action, specifically Leviathan and the Chocobo and Moogle duo.

Another interesting takeaway is what appears to be a boss fight with Jenova. While Jenova is first encountered during this section of the original game, the party doesn’t fight it until much later.

If it wasn’t already clear, Final Fantasy 7 Remake will be shaking up the original game’s story in a big way. Whether it improves upon it or not remains to be seen.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake will release on PlayStation 4 on 10 April.

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