Mislav Orsic’s Headliner card has been released as an Objective in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team for a limited time, for his impressive form in the 2019/20 Season.

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Mislav Orsic Objective Information

Here’s all the information regarding Tammy Abraham’s Headliners Objectives, from release dates to requirements for objectives.

Release Date: Friday 24th January – 6pm UK

Expiry Date: Friday 31st January – 6pm UK


Silver Selection – Win 2 Squad Battles matches on min. Professional difficulty using only Silver players in your starting squad.

Fleet-Footed Finisher – Score 8 goals in Rivals using Midfielders with min. 4* Weak Foot rating.

Creative Crosser: Assist 4 goals using Crosses in Rivals.

Clinical Croatian: Score using Croatian players in 5 separate Rivals wins.

Worth it? Yes. He’s a free card, and has great stats that could impact a game in the latter stages. Furthermore, he’s dynamic, so will upgrade throughout the season, and with Zagreb topping the Croatian league by 12 points, he’ll likely receive an upgrade from 4 consecutive league wins.

Mislav Orsic In-Game Stats & Player Analysis

Orsic certainly has some incredible face stats, with 96 pace and 90 shooting, but there are a couple of issues.

Starting off, Orsic will feel rapid in game with his 94 Acceleration, 96 Sprint Speed, 99 Agility and 97 Balance. As a super sub to bring on in the latter stages of a game, he will tear defences to shreds.

Shooting is a strong point, with 93 Long Shots, 94 Shot Power and 87 Finishing, with a 4* Weak Foot too.

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You may need a couple of upgrades to improve his Short Passing, Long Passing, Ball Control and Dribbling though, with them all being high 70s/low 80s.

Mislav Orsic Squad Links

Unfortunately, being Croatian in the Croatian league doesn’t make Orsic very easy to link into squads outside of Croatians, meaning he’s probably best as a super sub.

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