FIFA 20 Ultimate Team: How to get Road to the Final Willian – SBCs, cost & review

With the first wave of Road to the Final cards (RTTF) dropping last week, EA gave the FIFA community the power to decide which player would be granted the next RTTF card.

The final vote was between either Vinicius Jr. or Willian, with the Chelsea man coming out on top.

Road to the Final is all about team success, so if the team wins or advances at select times during the Europa or Champions League, the player gets an upgrade regardless of their individual performance.

As he won the fans’ vote, RTTF Willian is now available to redeem through a number of SBCs.

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Road to the Final Willian’s Squad Building Challenges

If you want to get your hands on the winger’s boosted card, there are three SBCs you have to complete.

Estimated total cost: 184,450 coins PS4 / 192,500 coins Xbox One

1. Exchange a squad featuring players from Brazil

Estimated Cost: 43.4k PS4 / 46.6k Xbox One 

Minimum players from Brazil: One

Minimum squad rating: 84

Minimum team chemistry: 75

Extra Reward: One Rare Gold Pack

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2. Exchange a squad featuring players from the Premier League

Estimated cost: 66.15k PS4 / 70.4k Xbox One 

Minimum players from the Premier League: One 

Minimum squad rating: 85

Minimum team chemistry: 65

Extra Reward: One Rare Electrum Players Pack

3. Exchange an 85 rated squad

Estimated cost: 73.8k PS4 / 76.65k Xbox One 

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Minimum In Form Players: One

Minimum squad rating: 85

Minimum team chemistry: 60

Extra Reward: One Mega Pack

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