FIFA 20: Top 10 French Players to buy in Career Mode and Ultimate Team – Mbappe, Kante, Pogba & more

As France are the reigning World Champions, it’s unsurprising how much footballing talent is available from the European country.

The players on this list are the best French players you can sign on FIFA 20 Career Mode and Ultimate Team

To qualify as one of the best French players, each player must be rated 83 overall or higher at the start of the game.

For a full list of ALL the best French Players, look at the table at the end of this page. 

Kylian Mbappe (OVR 89 – POT 95)

Age: 20

Position(s): ST, RW

Club: PSG

Best stats: 96 sprint speed, 92 agility, 91 dribbling, 89 finsihing

Career Mode value: £84.2 million (Release Clause: £172.5 million)

Wage: £140,000 a week

FUT Price: 924k PS4 / 768k Xbox One

Kylian Mbappe is already classed as a world class striker, despite not reaching his prime. The French forward is one of the most exciting prospects of this footballing generation, having already won three Ligue 1 medals and scoring in the World Cup Final to secure France’s victory. 

Unsurprisingly, his transfer fee is extremely high and will cost you around £120 million, with wages of £140,000 a week – he can also cost near a million coins on FUT. Nevertheless, Mbappe is worth every penny, with incredibly high sprint speed (96), dribbling (91) and finishing (89) stats, as well as his five star skills.

Ngolo Kante (OVR 89 – POT 90)

Age: 28

Position(s): CDM, CM

Club: Chelsea

Best stats: 97 stamina, 93 reactions, 92 interceptions, 91 standing tackle

Career Mode value: £59.4 million (Release Clause: £117.3 million)

Wage: £212,000 a week

FUT Price: 343k PS4 / 275k Xbox One

Ngolo Kante has won the Premier League with both Leicester and Chelsea, backing up the claims that he is the best defensive midfielder in the world. EA certainly seem to believe the hype, as he is the highest rated CDM on FIFA 20.

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The Chelsea man will set you back over £100 million on Career Mode and around the 300k mark on Ultimate Team. But frankly, you won’t find a better defensive mid, as his 91 standing tackles and 92 interceptions make him a nightmare for opposition attackers, whilst his 97 stamina means he can bring his ‘A’ game for the entire 90 minutes.

Paul Pogba (OVR 88 – POT 91)

Age: 26

Position(s): CM, CDM

Club: Manchester United

Best stats: 90 ball control, 90 long passing, 90 shot power, 89 strength

Career Mode value: £65.3 million (Release Clause: £128.9 million)

Wage: £225,000 a week

FUT Price: 293k PS4 / 246k Xbox One

Despite of Manchester United’s poor start to the 2019/20 season, Paul Pogba’s talents never go unnoticed. The centre midfielder proved himself a natural leader in the French national side as he was pivotal in their World Cup victory. 

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On FIFA 20, Pogba’s 88 vision, 90 long passing and 86 short passing display his playmaking ability, whilst his 89 strength proves he won’t lose many 50/50s. He does not come cheap on either Career Mode or Ultimate Team.

Antoine Griezmann (OVR 89 – POT 89)

Age: 28

Position(s): CF, ST

Club: Barcelona

Best stats: 92 reactions, 90 positioning, 90 ball control, 90 agility

Career Mode value: £62.3 million (Release Clause: £127.3 million)

Wage: £333,000 a week

FUT Price: 159k PS4 / 136k Xbox One

Antoine Griezmann recently traded Madrid for Barcelona, in his move from Atletico. The centre forward has had a steady start to his Catalonian career, contributing four goals and three assists across 16 appearances.

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He’s not your typical physical forward (63 strength), but his 90 positioning, 90 ball control and 89 finishing makes up for it, demonstrating that he’s a more than capable striker. His FUT and Career Mode prices seem appropriate considering he is in his prime at 28 years old.

Hugo Lloris (OVR 88 – POT 88)

Age: 32

Position(s): GK

Club: Tottenham

Best stats: 91 GK reflexes, 89 GK diving, 84 GK positioning

Career Mode value: £32.4 million (Release Clause: £59.9m)

Wage: £135,000 a week

FUT Price: 35k PS4 / 36.25k Xbox One

France’s number one keeper is none other than Tottenham man, Hugo Lloris. After a poor start to the new Premier League season, Spurs are currently sitting at 10thplace – considering he’s conceded 19 goals in 13 games, Lloris seems a little lucky to still have his 88 overall rating.

Nevertheless, we can take advantage of the goalkeeper’s high stats (91 GK reflexes, 89 GK diving, 84 GK positioning) as he is very reasonably priced on both FUT and Career Mode.

Karim Benzema (OVR 88 – POT 88)

Age: 31

Position(s): CF, ST

Club: Real Madrid

Best stats: 90 ball control, 89 positioning, 87 composure 

Career Mode value: £47.7 million (Release Clause: £97.8 million)

Wage: £306,000 a week

FUT Price: 28.5k PS4 / 30k Xbox One

Rather ironically, Karim Benzema does not play in the French national team after being involved in a global scandal. Nevertheless, the striker is more than deserving of his place in this list, contributing over 230 goals and 130 assits in almost 500 appearances for Real Madrid.

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His FIFA 20 stats of 89 posiitning, 86 heading accuracy and 85 finsihing demionstrate his superb talent as a striker, so he’s definitely worth the 30,000 coins you’d pay for him on Ultimate Team.

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Aymeric Laporte (OVR 87 – POT 90)

Age: 25

Position(s): CB

Club: Manchester City

Best stats: 89 standing tackle, 88 sliding tackle, 88 defensive awareness

Value: £50.9 million (Release Clause: £97.9 million)

Wage: £176,000 a week

FUT Price: 28.25k PS4 / 32.5k Xbox One

Similarly to Benzema, Aymeric Laporte is currently not playing for the France national team and in fact never has! However, he was not involved in any sort of scandal, but instead has missed his recent opportunities through injury. With his incredible Man city form it’s surely only a matter of time before he makes his international debut.

With amazing defensive stats (89 standing tackle, 88 sliding tackle, 88 defensive awareness, 87 interceptions), the young centre back has the potential to reach 90 overall on Career Mode, which would make him one of the best defender in the game.

Clement Lenglet (OVR 86 – POT 90)

Age: 24

Position(s): CB

Club: Barcelona

Best stats: 90 defensive awareness, 87 interceptions, 86 jumping

Career Mode value: £46.8 million (Release Clause: £99.5 million)

Wage: £171,000 a week

FUT Price: 62.5k PS4 / 45k Xbox One

Since joining Barcelona in the summer of 2018, Clement Lenglet has made a name for himself, securing regular first team football. He’s played across 14 games for Barcelona this season and has even contributed a goal and an assist.

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Lenglet’s 90 defensive awareness demonstrates his natural ability at centre back, whilst his 83 strength and 86 jumping show his impressive physicality. Unsurprisingly, the young defender is not cheap on either Career Mode or Ultimate Team.

Samuel Umtiti (OVR 86 – POT 89)

Age: 25

Position(s): CB

Club: Barcelona

Best stats: 87 sliding tackle, 87 jumping, 86 interceptions

Value: £45 million (Release Clause: £95.6 million)

Wage: £189,000 a week 

FUT Price: 28k PS4 / 25k Xbox One

The fact that Samuel Umtiti, an 86 rated centre back, is sat behind two other centre backs on this list shows just how much defensive talent the French squad possesses. Umtiti has been an important player for both Barcelona and France and still has much of his career ahead of him.

Umtiti has a brilliant set of stats for a centre back, including 87 sliding tackle, 87 jumping, 86 interceptions, 85 strength and 85 defensive awareness. At under 30,000 coins, the centre back makes a great buy on Ultimate Team.

Raphael Varane (OVR 85 – POT 90)

Age: 26

Position(s): CB

Club: Real Madrid

Best stats: 87 defensive awareness, 86 standing tackle, 86 sliding tackle

Career Mode value: £45.5 million (Release Clause: £96.6 million)

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Wage: £198,000 a week

FUT Price: 188k PS4 / 144k Xbox One

Another French Madrid playing in Spain, but for Barcelona’s rivals, Real Madrid. Varane was considered by some as the best centre back in the world after his influential performances at the 2018 World Cup and is no doubt still in contention for that title.

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On FIFA 20, Varane has all the stats you’d want from a centre back – 87 defensive awareness, 86 standing tackle, 86 sliding tackle and most importantly, 86 sprint speed. With speed such a coveted trait for centre backs in the game, his heavy FUT price tag is expected.

All the best French players on FIFA 20

Player Age Pos Club OVR POT Value Wage FUT
K. Mbappé 20 ST 
 Paris Saint-Germain 89 95 £84.2m £140k 924k/768k
N. Kanté 28 CDM 
 Chelsea 89 90 £59.4m £212k 343k/275k
P. Pogba 26 CM 
 Manchester United 88 91 £65.3m £225k 293k/246k
A. Griezmann 28 CF 
 FC Barcelona 89 89 £62.1m £333k 159k/136k
H. Lloris 32 GK  Tottenham Hotspur 88 88 £32.4m £135k 35k/36.25k
K. Benzema 31 CF 
 Real Madrid 88 88 £47.7m £306k 28.5k/30k
A. Laporte 25 CB  Manchester City 87 90 £50.9m £176k 28.25k/32.5k
C. Lenglet 24 CB  FC Barcelona 86 90 £46.8m £171k 62.5k/45k
R. Varane 26 CB  Real Madrid 86 90 £45.5m £198k 188k/144k
S. Umtiti 25 CB  FC Barcelona 86 89 £45m £189k 28k/25k
A. Lacazette 28 ST  Arsenal 86 86 £41.4m £149k 28k/31.5k
B. Matuidi 32 CDM 
 Piemonte 85 85 £22.5m £131k 11k/14k
O. Dembélé 22 LW 
 FC Barcelona 84 90 £38.3m £176k 24.25k/17.5k
L. Hernández 23 CB 
 Bayern Munich 84 89 £33.8m £99k 6.9k/7.4k
N. Fekir 25 CAM  Real Betis 84 87 £35.1m £36k 5.5k/5.5k
K. Coman 23 LM 
 Bayern Munich 84 88 £36.5m £108k 7k/7.1k
C. Tolisso 24 CM 
 Bayern Munich 83 88 £30.6m £99k 2.8k/2.5k
T. Lemar 23 LM 
 Atletico Madrid 83 87 £30.6m £58k 3.6k/3.5k
A. Martial 23 ST 
 Manchester United 83 88 £31.5m £126k 14.25k/13.5k
A. Rabiot 24 CM 
 Piemonte 83 87 £29.7m £108k 2.4k/2.5k
S. Haller 25 ST  West Ham 83 85 £28.8m £108k 2.5k/2.4k
F. Thauvin 26 RW 
 Marseille 83 84 £27.5m £54k 2.8k/2.7k
L. Digne 25 LB  Everton 83 86 £25.7m £87k 5k/6k
W. Ben Yedder 28 ST  AS Monaco 83 83 £24.3m £60k 4.3k/4k
S. Ruffier 32 GK  AS Saint-Étienne 83 83 £14m £34k 5.2k/5k

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