FIFA 20 FUT Birthday Team 2 Loading Screen REVEALED: Ultimate Team cards teased for latest Ultimate Team promo

More Ultimate Team players have been teased as part of the birthday event.

FIFA 20’s FUT Birthday is marching on by teasing 3 new Ultimate Team cards with a new loading screen. Since this set hasn’t been fully leaked, we get to enjoy guessing at who’s to come.

Keep reading to see what we know so far, and follow our live updates for the latest news.

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FUT Birthday team teaser

fut birthday loading screen fifa 20
FIFA 20’s FUT Birthday is running now

FIFA knows how to get people excited. A new loading screen for the FUT Birthday team teases three new Ultimate Team players. It gives away one’s nationality and a skill, one’s position and overall, and one’s nationality, overall, and a skill.

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This teaser format is extra juicy as we all have to figure out the players from different bits of info. The company is going even harder after leaks spoiled some of the fun early in the event.

What we know so far

FUT 20 birthday utlimate team reveal teaser loading screen
The newest FIFA 20 FUT Birthday loading screen has some big hints

This loading screen is the most information that’s out on the upcoming Ultimate Team players. Let’s take some guesses at who these could be.

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The first and easiest guess to make is the furthest left reveal, a Brazillian player with 97 Pass Accuracy. This reveal definitely points to Juventus FC midfielder Douglas Costa. It’ll be quite a swerve if not.

For the middle reveal, a 91 overall right winger, the pool is quite a bit wider. One hidden hint that might help is a dinner plate in the background. This has led many to guess at Serge Gnabry, or Sebastian Giovinco, who both have a history of eating celebrations. We expect Gnabry is the most likely choice.

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For the final reveal, the rightmost hint is a 90 overall French player with 90 Shooting ability. This is perhaps the hardest player to guess out of the lot. Some popular guesses include Olivier Giroud and Nabil Fekir. This one is up in the air, so plug in your French goal-scoring threat hope and cross your fingers.


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