Tune in to our live feed as we bring you all the latest news on FUT’s celebratory promo.

fifa 20 fut birthday live update

After the FIFA community were left twiddling their thumbs last Friday, EA confirmed that their celebratory promo, FUT Birthday, would finally be returning to Ultimate Team today!

We’re expecting a load of new content, including packs, SBCs and of course new cards.

Stay tuned below as we bring you all the breaking news on FIFA 20’s FUT Birthday.

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FUT Birthday Squad – 10:50am

In FIFA 19 and 18, the FUT Birthday squad was themed around position changed items.

fut birthday squad 19

However, with the recent Shapeshifters promotion, there could be something else in store this year.

In earlier FUT Birthday releases, the squads were themed around fan favourite players from earlier editions of FUT – could we see this again?

What do we expect? – 10:45am

During the FUT Birthday promotion, we can expect a load of content, including:

  • FUT Birthday Team
  • FUT Birthday Player SBCs
  • Flashback/Player Moments SBCs
  • Pack SBCs
  • Repeatable Upgrade SBCs
  • FUT Birthday Season Objectives
  • Loyalty and Login Rewards
  • Packs and Lightning Rounds

Find out more about the promo here.

Happy Birthday FUT – 10:30am

FIFA Ultimate Team is turning 11 years old and EA are set to celebrate the occasion with a new promo!

The FUT Birthday promo is set to return in FIFA 20 at 6pm GMT on Friday, 20 March.

fut birthday promo

This celebration will welcome in a load of new offers, SBCs and Objectives.

Stay tuned to find out more.

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