Fast and Furious 9 TRAILER: Dom in huge brother twist as fan-favourite returns from DEAD?

Fast & Furious 9 dropped its first official trailer all around the world today and all the characters are returning for what promises to be the franchise’s most epic instalment yet.

Dom (played by Vin Diesel) gearing up to face his most powerful nemesis ever in the form of his long-lost little brother Jakob (John Cena).

The pair will go toe-to-toe in some of the series’ biggest action sequins, as Charlize Theron’s icy cold villain urges Jakob to “kill” Dom and stop being second-best to his big brother once and for all.

The two minute promo had fans hooked from beginning to its thrilling end – as there was another huge surprise waiting in the wings.

Han is alive, and Sung Kang is returning to the franchise.

The Fast family shared some poignant reunions and the trailer ends with undoubtedly roaring cheer around the globe.

Ahead of the launch, the cast and director Justin Lin gathered around to discuss their feelings about the new film and share some tidbits about where the characters are headed next. 

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Relative newcomer Nathalie Emmanuel, who has played Ramsey in the series for three movies, shared her character will finally get to do some major action scenes.

“Ramsey definitely gets pushed outside her comfort zone and asked to use skills she doesn’t really have,” she said.

The actress then teased: “We may or may not see Ramsey operating a vehicle of sorts.”

Fan-favourite Michelle Rodriguez went on to let slip some more details of the new film, revealing her favourite part of the movie was watching Jordana Brewster, who plays Mia, “bust somebody in the face”.

Director Justin Lin also told the presenters, who were interviewing the group as part of a major fan event to launch the trailer, that the latest movie in the franchise is the one he’s “most proud of”.

“I feel like we’ve really earned this,” he said. “People associate the Fast films with family so yeah, I’m really excited.”

The filmmaker then noted the reason he thinks the franchise continues to be successful is down to the fact they “don’t repeat” themselves.

“We’ve grown older we’ve got kids… I feel this is gonna be the best action we’ve ever done,” he declared.

Vin Diesel himself said he was thrilled to still have the luxury of making the Fast films, which started off with the actor and the late Paul Walker at the helm.

“We’re so grateful to be filming the ninth chapter in this saga,” he said. “At its core it’s about these characters evolving, we’re taking them to places emotionally that no one’s ever seen before.

“We were willing to defy expectations with every single chapter, and even with that, just when you think you know, you have no idea,” the star promised with a grin.

The trailer definitely delivered – Jakob is clearly going to be a force to be reckoned with, but which brother will win? Could this be Diesel’s last hoorah in the franchise world or will he reign victorious?

And will his and Rodriguez’s characters weather the storm together?

Fast and Furious 9 will be released in cinemas May 22.


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