Fashion careers: Creative Design Team Educator and Hairstylist at Moroccanoil

With decades of experience as a hairstylist, manager and educator,
Angelo Fraccica finds passion and inspiration in women’s natural beauty and
sensuality—how changing a woman’s hair can transform her mood and lift her
spirits. FashionUnited recently interviewed Fraccica about his role as
Moroccanoil’s Creative Design Team Educator, his career milestones and how
he goes from styling hair for an Italian film festival to teaching the
latest hair trends.

Fashion careers: Creative Design Team Educator and Hairstylist at Moroccanoil

What does a workday look like for you?

My workday depends on which hat I’m wearing as a hair professional. I’m
a hairdresser at salon Club Hair, in Offenbach, Germany-so most times I’m
based there. My other role is at Moroccanoil as their Creative Design Team
Educator and Hair Stylist which takes me to different destinations.

At Club Hair salon:

When I’m at the salon, I’ll usually arrive by a quarter to 10 in the
morning. Then, I’ll have coffee with my colleagues (or friends as I like to
say) and prepare for the day. This is when my customers will come in for
their hair appointments. During the afternoon is when I teach hair and
beauty students from the vocational schools that come in for their
training. I will show them how to cut hair, style and other skills required
for the year they are in at school. In the evening, I will usually go home
to spend time with my two children.

At an event or photoshoot:

I also work as a Hairstylist for Moroccanoil. So depending on which
events they sponsor, I will travel to the location to style the hair of
actresses, singers and celebrities. Recently, I was in Sorrento, Italy to
style the attendees of the film festival. Every year we are responsible for
styling Germany’s Bunte Awards and it is always exciting to work behind the
scenes there.

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As the Creative Design Team Educator:

Usually it’s from Sundays to Tuesdays that I’ll be working as
Moroccanoil’s Educator. I’ll travel to our clients and partnered salons who
are based all over Europe-from Italy to Bulgaria-to teach them how to style
the latest looks from Moroccanoil. When I arrive, sometimes I’ll first meet
with the distributor to go over the looks and products I’ll be using in the
classes. I also prepare the powerpoints and mannequins we use for the
training. I teach the classes in English, Italian, German and Spanish.

What does being the Creative Design Team Educator entail?

As an Educator for Moroccanoil I am responsible for taking everything I
learn from the Masterclasses that take place about twice a year in
different locations such as New York and Barcelona. From the training I
received from these classes, I then teach and educate salons and
hairdressers around Europe in the latest styles. Depending on what our
clients choose, the classes can include knotwork, bridal class, or cutting

Fashion careers: Creative Design Team Educator and Hairstylist at Moroccanoil

Can you tell us about your professional background? Did you always want
to be a hairdresser?

I’ve been working with hair since I was 15 years old. First, for three
years I attended a vocational school in Germany and then did my master’s.
After that, I went to London to train in cut and color at the Vidal Sassoon
Academy and at Toni &Guy. I made the decision to move to Barcelona because
I felt like I needed to experience more and to challenge myself. While
working at a salon there, I also pursued freelance work in the fashion
industry. From 1999 to 2002, I contributed to German fashion catalog, Mode
Und Preis.

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Within Europe, my work has been recognized and requested by salons
including Mario Pohl and Enzo Rizzato in Frankfurt and Salon Jordi Ripoll,
Alberto Cerdan and Le Salon in Barcelona. As an international educator for
the Spanish haircare brand, Lakme, I got to work across global markets and
traveled to countries such as Romania, Serbia, Costa Rica, Australia,
Thailand and Honduras. In 2012, I discovered Moroccanoil in Frankfurt while
on a freelance assignment. At that moment I knew I wanted to be part of the
team. I immediately identified with the brand and knew I could learn a lot
and contribute to the company.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

What I enjoy the most about being the Creative Design Team Educator is
sharing my knowledge and experience with our clients. It makes me feel very
satisfied when I can help motivate and mentor someone through our classes.
I always tell my students that they have to believe in what they do and
must be passionate.

Did you always want to work in the hair (beauty) and fashion

Yes, definitely! For as long as I could remember, I wanted to help women
look their most beautiful. I think you can say my inspiration has always
been my mother. She had the most luxurious dark brown hair, piercing green
eyes and always took the time to look her best. Watching her as a young
Italian boy really inspired me to want to choose a career where my job is
to make people feel glamorous.

What do you think it takes to make it as a hairstylist in fashion?

For me, I feel that all of my experience in different sectors of the
hairdressing industry has only made me stronger professionally. Also, in
this business, it is also extremely important to network since many
opportunities are through the connections you make.

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Any career milestones or memorable moments as Moroccanoil’s Creative
Design Team Educator that you’d like to share?

A memorable moment working as a hairstylist in fashion was at New York
Fashion Week about three years ago. At the show of a young designer, there
in front of me was Rihanna and Naomi Campbell. There were about ten people
surrounding Naomi and helping her with the dress she wore to open the show.
It was amazing to witness, I will never forget that!

A career milestone was at one of the first trade shows in Frankfurt when
I started as Moroccanoil’s Educator. It was unbelievable to me that I was
on stage and presenting to a large audience.

What is your advice for those who would like to work as an Educator for

There are three assets Moroccanoil looks for in their Educators.
Firstly, you must be a great hairdresser. Next, your character is very
important. Being humble, yet passionate and presentable is what they are
looking for. Lastly, if you speak more than one language that will
definitely make you stand out!

Fashion careers: Creative Design Team Educator and Hairstylist at Moroccanoil

This article was created in cooperation with Moroccanoil to promote working
in fashion.

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