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Farrah Abraham holidays alongside the A-list in Venice with daughter Sophia, 10, following YouTube rant

Does Sophia have any idea what her mum’s said about her? (Picture: Mega)

Reality star Farrah Abraham looked to be having the time of her life in star-studded Venice this week – despite publicly slamming her 10-year-old daughter, Sophia on YouTube.

It may look like the perfect paradise as the mum and daughter duo enjoyed a summer break in Venice during the Film Festival, but Farrah had recently released a pretty harsh video about Sophia, dubbed a so-called ‘comedy sketch’.

Still, the duo brushed off any cares as they boarded a boat in the Italian city this week, waving to the crowds as they jetted off.

It comes after Farrah’s 11-minute video, which was uploaded to her YouTube account on Tuesday, sees the celeb ranting about her daughter’s apparent lack of work ethic.

We’re not talking about Sophia never doing her household chores or her homework.

Apparently Sophia has a ‘poor work ethic’ because she doesn’t spend enough time developing an online brand for herself. Another reminder that she is only 10.

It doesn’t look as if the duo aren’t getting along (Picture: Agostino Fabio / MEGA)

We should note little Sophia is absolutely working that wave – if that doesn’t scream ‘celebrity in the making’ we don’t know what does.

Anyway, in the video she goes completely in on Sophia.

‘When your kid does it to you,’ Farrah began of ‘annoying’ people. ‘I’m almost to the point of like… I’m going to go on a tirade because I’m not going to allow my daughter to think she can manipulate me.’

We’re still in the dark as to what Sophia has done, mind you.

Farah is annoyed at little Sophia for not creating enough of an online brand for herself (Picture: Agostino Fabio / MEGA)

Then Farah tells us.

Apparently the child likes doing things like ‘getting ice cream with grandma’ instead of building her online presence.

Sophia, how could you?

We wonder if she knows anything about this video, which has over 64,000 views so far, since she seems pretty happy enjoying the sea waves on that boat.

Don’t go on YouTube, Sophia.

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