Fans think Pokémon Go has added its first non-binary character

Has Blanche been non-binary all this time?

The description of one of the team leaders in Pokémon Go suggests they’re non-binary and fans have already embraced the addition.

While Nintendo and other games companies are not necessarily known for their inclusiveness, The Pokémon Company has always been pretty good at that sort of thing – having removed the choice between choosing to play as just a boy or girl some time ago.

But if fans are reading this new blog update for Pokémon Go right they may have gone further and added the first officially non-binary character to the mythos.

Blanche is the leader of Team Mystic in the game and the description of them seems to go out of its way to avoid using pronouns and instead opts for ‘their’ instead of ‘her’ or ‘his’.

‘We set out in hopes of testing its tracking abilities, but the prototype kept malfunctioning, causing us to be led aimlessly to random PokéStops. Blanche became visibly upset, which tends to happen when things don’t go to their carefully curated plans’, reads the text.

Given the lack of other examples it’s hard to say whether it’s really meant to be an indication of them being non-binary or not but it certainly seems like it’s been done on purpose.

Fans have embraced the theory and gone back to analyse other descriptions of Blanche, which all seem to avoid using pronouns – despite them being used liberally for the other two team leaders.

Whether The Pokémon Company, or developer Niantic, will ever confirm anything officially remains to be seen but for many fans the evidence is already there.

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