Fans angry at Warcraft 3: Reforged ‘downgrade’ and bugs

A less than triumphal return for Warcraft (pic: Blizzard)

The launch of real-time strategy remaster Warcraft 3: Reforged has not gone smoothly, with fans complaining that Blizzard has let them down.

Blizzard has blundered into yet more bad publicity, as fans find the remaster of 2002 game Warcraft 3 differs significantly from what was promised when it was first unveiled.

The concerns are twofold: that the game is riddled with bugs and that the remaster itself is of a poor quality and many of the changes promised during its announcement have not made it into the final game.

We’ll have a full review of the game next week, but players have been complaining about graphical glitches, broken multiplayer, poor performance, and frequent crashes.

In terms of the remaster itself though, fans have noted that the graphics seem considerably less improved than in the initial trailer, with the new user interface now looking barely changed from the original, and recycled, cheap-looking cut scenes.

Others have noted that the game lacks features that were in the 2002 original, including automated tournaments, clans, profiles, and custom campaigns.

Reddit and Twitter are awash with these and other complaints, with a Reddit guide on how to ask for a refund being one of the most popular posts of the week.

Although there are no critic reviews on Metacritic yet, as the game was not sent out in advance, the user score is currently sitting at 1.5… out of 100.

Although only a modest hit when it was released, with around 4.5 million sales, Warcraft 3 proved to be an extremely influential game by helping to popularise the Defense Of The Ancients mod, which evolved into Dota, League Of Legends, and the MOBA genre.

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