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Mike Tyson is one of the few boxers who could see exceptional global fame during the peak of his in-ring career. What made him stand out, is retaining a similar charisma even after 17 years of his retirement. A lot of it is because of his active initiatives in several other communities, like pro-wrestling, entrepreneurship, e-business, movies, and even video games.


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Mike Tyson has appeared in several movies all around the world, and it’s quite common knowledge to his fans. But it’s surprising to imagine that he commenced a similar hold in the video gaming entities. ‘The Baddest Man On The Planet’ has been put on the gaming screens for several years. Here’s a look at a few of the most popular ones.

Mike Tyson Punch Out- Nintendo


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The iconic video game was first launched by Nintendo in 1987 and in no time, it became extremely popular among the masses. Tyson was a prime character in the game, and beating him was not an easy task. While ‘Iron’ was in his prime years back then, the video game community didn’t fail to bring him under their stable.

The game had several more characters to choose from the slot. But it seems Tyson had been the most popular one. Although several videos game later sampled Tyson, Punch-Out remains one of the most original ones.

Mike Tyson Boxing- PlayStation 1 and PlayStation 2

Sony’s PlayStation is arguably one of the best popular gaming consoles all over the world and they began their early years by using Mike Tyson’s brand in a massively popular game of that time. The ‘Mike Tyson Boxing’ was released in October 2000 on PlayStation 1. It is still available today on Amazon.

The game was graphically alluring and had easy control. Besides, Mike Tyson was put against several opponents in the game. No wonder it became extremely popular. Followed by its success, PlayStation 2 came up with an upgraded version of it two years later.


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Mike Tyson Heavyweight Boxing 2 was released on July 2, 2002. It stood out amongst the other games of its time for several reasons. The game had better graphics than the previous ones and allowed the players to use almost 600 brutal power punches, including signature moves and illegal blows. It also had a ranking system, which allowed the gamers to customize their own fighters.

There’s no denying Tyson made the sport of boxing popular in the video gaming community. Later, several boxers rose to fame, urging the gaming developers to plan full-fledged boxing video games. Thus, Electronic Arts (EA) also turned its attention to the sport.

EA games and ‘Iron’ Mike

EA Fight Night Round 4 came up as a blessing for boxing fans, which showcased a complete roster of superstars. It was a much better boxing video game than all the previous ones, with advanced gameplay, controlling, and much better visual representation. No wonder Mike Tyson found his way into the roster. The game was extremely popular and set the road clear for another version of it.

EA Fight Night Champion was an upgraded version with several new features on board. Per the official website, the game had full spectrum punch control, physics-based gameplay, and legacy mode. That said, users could customize their own fighters or pick up their favorite fighters and start a career of their own. Apart from Mike Tyson, EA Fight Night games popularized the entire roster for the mainstream audience.

WWE 13

Having appeared in several WWE events, Tyson became a Hall of Famer in 2012. The same year WWE 13 was released on PS3. It was an eye-catchy game for the fans. But the graphics were disappointing. Mike Tyson appeared in the game and offered the gamers to test him against WWE superstars.

Nevertheless, his visual presentation was hilarious and looked in no way similar to his actual look. Followed by disappointment, fans saw ‘Iron’ enter the MMA cage in virtual reality. Yes, Tyson made it to the UFC video game, and it was quite a move for EA.


EA Sports has unveiled some popular games with UFC. The second edition of the venture came in 2016, which had Mike Tyson on the roster. While seeing Tyson enter the MMA cage remains a fantasy, in reality, the virtual reality phase has made it possible. Tyson’s graphics seemed flawless in the game and gamers could put him against UFC fighters like Jon Jones, Anderson Silva, and others.


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EA UFC 2 also had the option to create your own fighter, with a career mode option. From grappling with KO, the control was extremely accurate.

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Meanwhile, the graphics were also on point. While Tyson has been under several more gaming accolades, these prime ones retain his stardom amongst the gamers.

Which of the above-mentioned games had the best impression of Mike Tyson?

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