Fall Guys season 3 launch date, levels, trailer, skins & rewards

Fall Guys came (almost) out of nowhere to become a global phenomenon, and it’s currently one of the most-played multiplayer games in the world – despite not even being available on Xbox or Switch.

The game has now started its second content season, bringing new levels, new costumes, and new game modes to Fall Guys – with even more on the way in the third season, which is expected to start soon.

It was also announced recently that Fall Guys is coming to mobile in China, though we don’t know if or when a mobile version will launch in the West – or if it will ever come to the Xbox and Switch.

When does Fall Guys season 3 start?

The in-game season timer suggests that season three should start some time in the week starting Monday 7 December. Season two’s start didn’t line up exactly with the timer though, so this is only a rough guide – and you should expect a transition period of a few days that may even include double points to tempt players in.

What’s new in season 3?

So far we don’t know! Season two brought with it new levels, game modes, skins, and other rewards, along with various tweaks to the way Crowns are handed out, and some other quality of life stuff.

We know for a fact that season three will feature at least one new level, and technically speaking we’ve already had our first look at it, but don’t get your hopes up:

Since the second season had a medieval theme, we’re also expecting a specific theme to season three’s content, but right now we don’t know what it’ll be.

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