Fall Guys season 2 start date, trailer, skins & rewards

Fall Guys came (almost) out of nowhere to become a global phenomenon, and it’s currently one of the most-played multiplayer games in the world – despite not even being available on Xbox or Switch.

The game is still working through its first content season, but committed players have already blasted through most of the unlockables, so inevitably all eyes have turned to Fall Guys season 2.

It was also announced recently that Fall Guys is coming to mobile in China, though we don’t know if or when a mobile version will launch in the West – or if it will ever come to the Xbox and Switch.

When does Fall Guys season 2 start?

Season 1 is set to end on 5 or 6 October, so it stands to reason that that’s pretty much when the second season will start, but as of yet the devs haven’t given us a precise kick-off date. 

What will be new in season 2?

We got a sneak peek at season two during the Gamescom Opening Night, and the key word is ‘medieval’.

New costumes include a knight’s armour, a dragon, a wizard, and a viking, while all of the new rounds being introduced take a vaguely medieval theme too, with drawbridges, swinging axes, and other props subtly suggesting the historical period – though let’s be honest, it all still mostly just looks like a bouncy castle anyway.

The trailer shows off five new rounds and seven new costumes, but we’re expecting more than that. Probably not in terms of playable rounds, but since Season 1 includes 40 levels of unlockable skins, emotes, patterns, and other cosmetics we’re hoping there are plenty more cosmetics that the company has yet to reveal.

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You can get a better look at the new costumes and stages in these official screenshots too:

We also know we’re getting a new spinny, spikey death machine added to the game, and it’s friends with Big Yeetus!

If Big Yeetus doesn’t sound familiar, you’re clearly behind on your Fall Guys. The Big Yeet was added in the mid-season update for season 1 with a few tweaks to the game itself. The big one is the introduction of new random round variations – including Yeetus him/her/itself – along with a few quality of life fixes to graphics and the servers, and new anti-cheat software.


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