Faith Stowers Says She Received Private Apology From Lala Kent Amid Vanderpump Rules Drama

“I want him to know that mommy did everything she could to bring light to injustices. That makes me feel really, really good,” she shared. “I put myself in the line of fire so maybe one day, when he grows up, he won’t have to. I want him to stand up for himself or maybe stand up for his friends.”

As for Kristen and Stassi, Faith says she hopes her former co-stars use this as a teachable movement that could lead to good things.

“For me, it’s something really hard for me to move forward from. As a Christian, as a god fearing woman, I do forgive them,” she shared. “For now, I feel like Kristen and Stassi have a lot to learn and I wish that for them. I wish that they educate themselves and really know what’s really going on in the world so they can use their privilege for the betterment of the world.” 

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